Manson, My Name Is Evil


Comedy / Crime

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Don McKellar as Prosecutor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

clunky surrealism

Leslie (Kristen Hager) is one of Manson family on trial and Perry (Gregory Smith) is interviewed to be one of the jury. He has to postpone his wedding as the jury gets sequestered. In flashbacks, the two characters journey through two different sides of America after the JFK assassination.

This is trying to be a surreal telling of the trial. It has some good potential but the director has no skills to pull off the surrealism. There is no style to it other than a faltering attempt at being off-kilter. It's clunky and poorly executed. This is like Oliver Stone without the filmmaking skills.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10


The movie has a good use of juxtaposition as it contrasts the difference in people and families growing up in the Age of Nixon. Perry is a young Christian chemist who suffers from sexual repression because his buxom blond girlfriend loves Jesus more than him. (Her words, not mine.) The Christian tract they hand out is about a girl named Leslie who takes LSD and gets pregnant by Satan. Leslie happens to be the other story that runs parallel to Perry's tale. Leslie ends up with Charlie, who has a God complex. The scenes swap back and forth in a surreal John Waters' style. During the trial Perry and Leslie make extensive eye contact. Perry, who has begun to doubt the values drilled into his head by society has second thoughts about Leslie, seeing her more as a victim than criminal.

The background may have been historical, but this film is in no way close to being accurate. The end credits claimed the title of this movie was "Leslie, My Name is Evil." You might look for further reviews under that title. This also appears to be a Canadian production so when the box claims, "gratuitous nudity" that means one scene (Perry's dream). The killing is also lame. You see the knife swing and blood splatter, but no penetration. It is not a horror film. It is not a documentary. It is not that good drama. It is a cult classic wannabe. It loosely pokes fun at society and Christianity, but never makes a definite statement, after all, they are being compared to the Manson family. The character of Charlie in this movie was poorly written.

Point of history. Leslie was not involved in the original Tate murders, but only later in the Labianca murders. The woman who plays Leslie in the movie looks very much like her. Leslie was disruptive during the trial and giggled a lot, particularity at times when she should not have giggled. Leslie held Rosemary while she was being stabbed and as the movie portrays stabbed her in the lower torso after she was dead. There was a question of her guilt as she stabbed someone who was already dead, but her said court actions landed her in prison. John Waters has been attempting to get her released. I suspect he had some uncredited work to do with this film.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 6 / 10

More a satire then expose

The original title and the dedication at the end of the film calls this Leslie My Name is Evil. Billed as a Horror/expose on Manson the film is actually about a juror who falls in love with one of the girls on trial with Manson...and its a comedy of the blackest sort...actually a pointed satire.

Its a very artificial very deliberate film that I admire more than I like. Yea its obvious at times, but its occasionally still intriguing, the final bit where we drift from Manson and his trial to juror at his job making napalm which we then see dropped on people is nicely telling.

More an interesting misfire than any sort of hit- I still have to give the film points because I'm curious about how it will play knowing what it is that I'll probably try it again.

Its a sort of WTF sort of film.

-- Actually I've seen the film a second time since I wrote that and I find it better the second time, when the expectations for the film weren't colored by an out of place title

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