Maps to the Stars


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Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher
Julianne Moore as Havana Segrand
Robert Pattinson as Jerome Fontana
Mia Wasikowska as Agatha Weiss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

The Grisly Side of Hollywood

Anyone worried that a David Cronenberg film about the inner workings of Hollywood would not be filled with copious amounts of ick, rest assured. The ick abounds in "Maps to the Stars," a fascinating film that must be something like what watching a grisly car accident in slow motion would feel like.

Julianne Moore won her Oscar for the bland and award-bait "Still Alice" last year, but THIS is the movie for which she should have won. Utterly lacking in vanity, Moore tears into the role of a washed up actress struggling night and day to stage her comeback. Think Norma Desmond without the black and white studio sheen of "Sunset Boulevard" and the filters that were necessarily in place back when Billy Wilder's dark satire was released. This film is like rummaging through Norma Desmond's underwear. Mia Wasikowska is great as well as Moore's hanger on and personal assistant who unravels and goes off the deep end and beyond. Swirling around these two characters are plot lines involving a troubled child star, lots and lots of incest, and enough frantic desperation to fill a sequel to "Mulholland Drive."

Whenever I see a movie like this, I immediately wonder how true it is vs. how exaggerated for effect. For example, did Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman at one point in their careers have to subject themselves to the indignities shown or implied in this film? But then I think there has to be a lot of truth to movies like this, "Mulholland Drive," etc., which makes me glad I decided to be an anonymous Joe as opposed to a superstar. For every Julia Roberts, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of desperate people out there waiting for the big break that will never come, or who can't handle it when it eventually does.

Grade: A-

Reviewed by Ogirdor H 1 / 10

Crap To The Stars

Horrid Script, the most vulgar I ever watched. Girls Buying Sh**t from a Celebrity, Julianne Moore in the bathroom making her business? I am not moralistic, but I recommend Do Not Eat while watching this movie.

David Cronenberg is aging and he obviously working desperately for shocking and innovation stuff. But it didn't work. The story is a mess,starting with Hollywood shallowness bullshit and abrupt character endings.

John Cusack blew it again. That massage scenes with Julian Moore, so nonsense.

I'm confuse with Havana Segrand ¿His character is over acting or was accurate? I can't tell.

There is much talking about drugs, F word abuse and there is murder. I love those elements, but Cronenberg didn't mix them well.

Maybe the ending is the most respectable scene.

A total mess, You Must Flush This Movie Away.

Reviewed by ritera1 5 / 10


Not that I didn't know what was going on. But I was lost on Cronenberg's intent or message.

Was it a critique of Hollywood? An examination of mental illness? Or just a day in the life of a few people?

None of the characters really went through a change.

I wasn't sure that Julianne Moore's supposed molestation from her own mother was real or not. The visits from her mother were valid if it was real, but nothing really came of them. Also, I didn't see any competency with her character in regards to acting. I would have been curious how an insane person like she was then can function and produce as an actress. Of course Moore is a premiere actress but felt she was having trouble with the role.

The character of the 13-year-old movie star played by Evan Bird was interesting but felt disjointed as it was written for a character a few years older. There was a lot to work with and Bird did a very good job for his age. But the initial meeting with him was very odd as it sounded like he was badly dubbed with an adult voice. The character was consistent throughout but really didn't seem like he was mentally ill, which apparently he was in the final scene. Sure, he was a major asshole but not crazy. The little girl from the opening scene visiting him after her death didn't work. I didn't see a reason why vs. Moore's mother visiting her. It was just more of the same. And who was the little boy in the pool? The kid that supposedly drowned (off camera) but Bird's character never crossed paths with?

Mia Wasikowska's character also didn't seem crazy 'til she conveniently stopped taking her meds for no real reason (other than to provide for the final act). If she was star-struck, the character didn't reach that. It was very much in a gray area and not really committed to anything.

If anyone was a critique of Hollywood, it was Pattinson's character who just floated through the piece as very naive.

And finally Cusack and Williams as the couple who didn't initially know they were brother and sister. That element had no exploration and there was no real place the film landed in judgment. Was Cusack suppose to be a phony guru? I had that thought but the early scene with Moore was essentially authentic.

As for Williams tortured mother, I wasn't sure why. Was all the weirdness catching up to her after all these years? I could see it if she was like that before her little boy almost killed the child. But before? Not really. And suicide by fire? Seemed like something just to stay in-line with the previous fire elements. (And the CGI fire was very fake.)

In the end, I thought it was very self-indulgent. But even that was not prevalent enough.

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