2005 [KOREAN]

Biography / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 2275

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dvazp 10 / 10


This is a very warm and poetic film. It's about a mother's relationship with her autistic son and her insecurities regarding him, about his desire to run a marathon and how that relates to his relationship with his mother, and about how his running coach inadvertently helps to bring them together. It is one of the most touching films I have seen in many years.

Some people have compared it to Rain Man, but that's a comparison which does not stand. Firstly, the selfishness of Tom Cruise character and Dustin Hoffman's overacting make Rain Man a far less touching film because the characters are far less sympathetic. There is also the crucial difference in that in Rain Man the Tom Cruise character really had no interest in his autistic brother and did not wish to really have any type of relationship with him. In Marathon, however, the whole film is about the problems the mother has precisely because she wants to have a relationship with her son. It is this dilemma (the wanting to have a relationship and not really being able to do it) which makes the film so interesting and touching.

Furthermore the acting is very good, the cinematography is rich but not overdone, the music is very good at emphasising the poignancy of particular situations and the film has a wonderful pace: neither too fast nor too slow. All in all a very enjoyable film highly recommended for anyone who wants to smile, laugh, cry and generally feel happy.

Reviewed by infinito2345 10 / 10

A Beautiful Dream Called Life

Well this is a movie about personal struggle of a mother and her son who is diagnosed with autism.I mean i am tired of seeing all these meaningless romantic comedies which are churned out these days.This movie simply the story of these two persons and how they navigate through their lives against all odds.It evokes the deepest of your emotions with it's brutal honesty and simplicity.It is about a disabled person who runs to find meaning in his life.It is a story of the triumph of human spirit.I am really surprised that they make movies like these anymore.I definitely assure you that watching this movie will change your life.A brilliant masterpiece about the indomitable human spirit.Fantastic performances from all the cast.Compelling and powerful.Highly recommended.

P.S. I truly broke down after seeing this movie.I sobbed my heart out and felt strangely happy about it afterwards.

Reviewed by Supergrass 8 / 10

this looks bound for a Hollywood remake

this film is a charming look at an autistic man who overcomes his mental deficiencies with the drive of his mother to successfully race in marathons around Korea. while this may sound like a conventional plot, the great performances by the actors playing the autistic man and his mother propel this film into thoughtful melodrama. the film is also based on the true story of a 21 year old korean man suffering from autism who has successfully won marathons in Korea with help from his mother.

marathon is the top film in Korea currently and a quick sweep of the korean video shops in nyc reveals that the dvds are ALWAYS sold out.

bring tissues to your screening, this is a major tear jerker worth seeing.

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