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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 11357

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erisedwitch45 7 / 10

Bollywood "heroes" can learn from the heroines

Nowadays when the so-called superstars of bollywood (Salman, Akshay, SRK etc) make such mindless & nonsensical movies in the name of leave-your- brains-at-home comedies (like Kick & Ready & Dabang & Entertainment & what not), Mardaani is a refreshing change.

I am not saying that it's a gem or the best movie out there but it is good. It has a good (although not many twists or turns) story, powerful acting by Rani and the supporting cast, no out-of-context songs and very nice ending.

I see a trend that Bollywood heroines are trying to come up with good movies like Kangana in Queen, Revolver Rani; Priyanka in Mary Kom, Fashion; Vidya in Kahani, No one killed Jessica etc where as the 40+ year old "heroes" are still stuck in the 90s; churning out stupid movies where the girl is mainly for songs. I don't have a problem with those kind of movies too if they are decent; which many aren't. I love a good comedy or action movie as much as I enjoy a serious one. But the movies made by the male "superstars" are not even funny or entertaining; though surprisingly, those movies are in the 200 crore etc club.

I hope we as an audience start to appreciate some diversity that movies like Mardaani portray.

Reviewed by mxpayne75 10 / 10

A Powerful Film

Mardaani is a movie that despite an unimaginative plot and predictable narrative engrosses you in its fabric. Rani Mukerji is pitch perfect in the role of a super-cop that is rightly hued, far from the floss and swagger of Chulbul Pandey and Singham. She is real, gritty and every bit brilliant. Though the film's climax loses itself in melodrama, this is a film that has its heart in the right place and tells a pertinent story at a time when it must be heard.

Rani Mukerji with no make up, stern face maintains her strong demeanor. The actress is non dramatic on purpose and that did the trick for me. She is far from the pomp and show of masala cop films and that subtlety blows your mind. I am ecstatic that the lady has returned in a role that does justice to her caliber.

Tahir Bhasin is a revelation and quite interestingly lives up to Rani's stature. The chase between him and Rani is built brilliantly mostly because of his conviction in rendering such brilliance to his character. His diction and twang both blend in well drawing one's attention even further.

Reviewed by rahulmailsonix 10 / 10

A rare realistic movie in Indian commercial cinema

Mardaani is a brilliant movie, and especially so because it comes in a time so crowded by the larger-than-life police cop, who is way beyond falling into physics of regular procedurals. The casting is picture perfect, and the dialogs, not crispy, but suited well. I appreciate the fact that they didn't push in any songs (except for one song in the end in the background, but that is acceptable), and the movie respects intellect and reality (lending it an 'adult' rating). The whole negative cast of the film is so well cast, (partly because its from a real life story), that I couldn't take my eyes off. Its a recommended movie, (and definitely a better watch than the Expendibles.) and I am happy that people have sensibilities in them to make meaningful cinema.

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