Margrete: Queen of the North

2021 [DANISH]

Biography / Drama / History

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Paul Blackthorne as William Bourcier
Trine Dyrholm as Margrete
Jakob Oftebro as Man from Graudenz
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Reviewed by petervd 6 / 10

Mixed bag

'Margrete the First' is the epitome of an epic Danish tale. With monarchs, battle strife, magnificent costumes and big politics. All in all, a magnificent staging that is impressive. The acting was gripping, here one must especially highlight Trine Dyrholm's interpretation of Margrete 1. However, some of the lines could at times seem a bit too theatrical and fake. Morten Hee Andersen's role as the naive and arrogant Prince Erik of Pomerania, unfortunately, fell flat on its face for me. It seemed as if he was in a different universe than the rest of the characters, whether it was Morten's portrayal or the manuscript is hard to know.

With a feature length of 2 hours, it is always a challenge to keep the viewers' attention, here Margrete the 1st unfortunately does not succeed either. A strong start and end, does not excuse for a drawn out and unfocused mid point. Especially one storyline that I do not want to spoil, did not lead to much and ended abruptly. It could quickly have been explained with a scene or two. The worst thing a movie can do is waste the audience time.

I personally watch movies to be entertained with an exciting and gripping story. The story was fascinating, the production magnificent and the acting was mostly excellent. I missed a more focused narrative, with fewer plotlines, better pacing, and less navel-gazing. The story as it is portrayed here would have worked better as a new Sunday drama series.

Reviewed by protestant-80830 6 / 10

The Truth Will Be Revealed

A fascinating historical film. However, maybe the ordinary people at the time were right to suspect Margrete of arranging the murder of her own son, because after ruling as regent since Olaf became king at 5 years old, she refused to give up power when he came of age at 14, continuing to rule until he rebelled against her at 16. But the assassins she hired secretly let him escape, and she adopted Eric of Pomerania, on condition that Eric would allow her to rule behind the scenes, which he did. When Olaf returned to claim his throne, Eric coached one of his Pomeranian serfs to act the role of Olaf before the entire court, after she had the real Olaf seized in secret. Then she and Eric burnt the real Olaf alive, along with all his royal documents, so that her evil deeds would never be known. But these are the End Times, and all that was hidden shall be revealed.

Reviewed by Quasi-9 1 / 10

Disappointing, great potential waisted.

I am a great fan of our greatest king, which was a queen namely Margrethe the first, daughter of Valdemar Atterdag, the king that made Denmark a nation.

The storyline is confusing and the queen motivation for her rather odd behaviour isn't realistic at all, would you recognize your own son after 15 years apart, the answer is somehow yes to make the lousy plot make any sense.

Overall the acting is weak and fails to portray the strength of a woman that held three kingdoms together in a time where men ruled everything. Trine Dyrholm performance is lackluster and it feels like she is reading from a teleprompter.

The photography and scenaries, stil make it worth watching, but it a shame that the producers fails in making this what it could and should have been and instead delivers a very forgettable movie.

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