Marilyn Monroe Declassified


Biography / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 5 / 10

Another Look On Marilyn Monroe

"Marilyn Monroe Declassified" is a documentary that takes a look at the late Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe from her life, her success, and her death.

The documentary tries to take another look at Marilyn after 50 years since her death on 1962. It looks at her rise into Hollywood superstar, her sexiness and glamour, and her legacy that she left behind.But most importantly,it also makes an analyses on the circumstance behind her death.

If you want to take a look at her legacy,I think that the documentary would bring new things especially on how she became more famous after her death. But if you want to learn more about the mystery behind her demise after a drug overdose,it brings nothing new. But for conspiracy theories lovers,one might enjoy it about her being murdered rather than dying through suicide.

Reviewed by The_Boxing_Cat 1 / 10

Filmmakers failed to prove anything. SKIP THIS NONSENSE

Marilyn Monroe's autopsy photos DO exist - this should tell you how incompetent the filmmakers are.

The "missing" yellow dye (from the medication overdose) has been debunked - the findings as reported in her autopsy have been proven with modern science that it was possible for her to have taken the pills without her stomach being filled with the yellow residue/dye.

These idiots never addressed the fact that her bedroom door was LOCKED FROM THE INSIDE, in fact the first responders had to break a window in order to gain access to her lifeless body.

If the Kennedy's wanted her dead, they most certainly would not have done it themselves! Anyone with half a brain knows Bobby Kennedy wouldn't have been there.

They expect us to swallow their pseudoscience hook, line and sinker just because two presidents joked about it on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Really? This movie must be a comedy, because it's laugh out loud funny! IF there was a UFO reference at all, maybe it was about the moon landing, oh wait! That was a fake too- right?!?!?!

Also, the CIA appeals process, as described (by another knucklehead in this movie) is a routine practice, as it is with every other government agency. It's worth noting that he says nothing about if he followed through with the appeal...and they call this a documentary!

Just about everyone in this movie has spoken about how everybody used Marilyn. How exactly was she used??? She had a fantastic career. She was a drug addict- people bent over backwards to accommodate her schedule due to her abusing drugs, which cost the studios and producers many thousands of dollars due to delays. If anything, these filmmakers AKA, conspiracy theorists are using her (memory) to make money, so yeah in that respect people have used her.

Why is it so far fetched to realize that a known drug addict could have overdosed?

These morons must think we viewers are ignorant and can feed us anything and will lap it up. Sorry dudes, you've proved NOTHING.

Reviewed by leavymusic-2 2 / 10


Nasty, cheaply made doc about Monroe, how many have been made now ? Note, the bad cuts in the interviews to imply, another bad film trying to cash in on the MM legacy. Awful.

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