Mariupol: The People's Story


Action / Documentary / War

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 84

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dourankev 9 / 10

In war, ordinary people suffer, elites - no!

Documentaries - unlike Marvel movies - are less watched, but more valuable.

It is time to accept the thesis that ordinary people suffer in war, not the political "elites".

In this respect, the film is a wonderful documentary about the suffering of ordinary Ukrainians. And at the same time - an accusation against the political elites who did not respect the Minsk agreements (as Merkel and Orban admitted).

Additional information about the sufferings of the people living there can be obtained from other documentaries, for example from "Children of Donbass".

The usefulness of "Mariupol: The People's Story" also lies in the fact that it provokes reflection on how to achieve a peaceful world without wars, based on laws and international treaties, and not on imperialist conquests.

Make love, not war!

Rating: 9.0.

Reviewed by sportyfelix 1 / 10

Western Propaganda

The war in Ucraine began 9 years ago, when the Western-backed coup d'état took place in Kiev on February 23, 2014 - which was also directed against Russia, among other things - it triggered certain processes in what was then eastern Ukraine. These marked the beginning of the so-called "Russian Spring": a series of pro-Russia demonstrations in Crimea and Novorossiya - a largely historical term for an area comprising eight regions of southeastern Ukraine.

Then came May 2 in Odessa, and a week later the lesser-known massacre on May 9 in Mariupol, when Nazi militia, now designated the National Guard, entered the city and fired into the crowd.

Since the end of the fighting in Mariupol against the neo-Nazi regiment Azov, the locals of Mariupol, now a city within the Russian Federation, have been trying to return to a peaceful life.

Reviewed by DrD3 1 / 10

Bring Your Shovel

I can understand the desire from the warmongering elites promoting this horrific charade in Ukraine, that was entirely provoked and produced by the West, in order to topple their decades old rival Russia; but don't think for a moment that anyone with a critically thinking mind would buy into this pathetic piece of propaganda masquerading as a legitimate documentary.

This film footage will only appeal to those who already drank the kool-aid and are hopelessly hooked on maintaining that fix that they were administered over the years. I have no doubt that when more and more of the inconvenient truths get exposed about Zelensky and his corrupt regime, more and more Westerners will be creeping into their yards in the dead of night to take down their hastily hoisted Ukrainian flags.

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