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Gene Hackman as Buzz Lloyd
Mariette Hartley as Betty Lloyd
Gregory Peck as Charles Keith
Nancy Kovack as Teresa Stone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minimalist 8 / 10

For the record...

...Marooned is a good movie.

If you're inclined to consider when it was made, or you're old enough to remember when the idea of manned space exploration was actually exciting, you might even think it's great. The worst thing I can say is that it's certainly not fast-paced: if you're looking for a sci-fi action spectacular, this probably isn't going to be your cup of tea.

The specifics are covered very well in previous users' comments (and in Roger Ebert's ***/**** review), so I won't repeat them here.

There is one thing I'd like to clarify, though, if I may:

Anyone looking at the user ratings and user comments should take into consideration that a (very) abbreviated version of this movie was shown on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 as "Space Travelers." I'm a pretty hardcore MST fan myself, and I agree that it was a funny episode. However, there's a certain type of MSTie that finds it entertaining to visit the IMDb and "vote" (negatively, of course) for the movies featured in their favourite episodes, with a view to knocking them down into the IMDb's "Bottom 100" list. Sometimes this is reasonably well-deserved: honestly, some of the worst (best) movies featured on MST3K would be indefensible in any form. Other times, particularly when the original is cut to pieces (this one lost approximately 1:15 of its 2:15 running time, while "gaining" some lousy incidental music and a shabby new title sequence*), I don't think it's right at all.

If you want to watch an interesting, thought-provoking sci-fi drama, "Marooned" is a good bet. If you want to watch a funny episode of MST3K, "Space Travelers" (#0401) is an equally good bet. You can even watch and enjoy both, as I have. Don't let the strange mix of votes and comments here dissuade you from watching it entirely, though, because that would be a mistake.

(A minor mistake, admittedly, but still -- a mistake.)


* Credit where it's due: most of this hack job was courtesy of re-distributor Film Ventures International, and not the folks at MST3K. If you come across a non-MST'd version of this movie that runs about 1:30, don't waste your time: I guarantee it'll be neither interesting _or_ funny.

Reviewed by kustom135 8 / 10

Flawed ... and yet it really draws you in

I'm giving _Maroooned_ a generous 8/10 because of its artificially low total score.

Aside from being a finely-tuned and detailed look into the American space program in its 60s and early-70s era, _Marooned_ is one of my favourite types of film: it's seemingly banal, washed-out, and emotionless upon first viewing. Once you get past that, it's a subtly-acted character study.

After watching it several times, however, the characters' traits become more apparent as the story develops. We see Gene Hackman's character, astronaut Buzz Lloyd, on a slippery slope right from the start. He daydreams on the job, tries pathetically to win favour from Mission Control ("I, uh, fixed the razor"), and then slides into blatant panic as the emergency unfolds.

When we first see her, Celia Pruett presents an exterior persona toughened by fifteen years' experience of being an astronaut's wife. When Celia, in Mission Control, realizes she may be talking to her husband for the last time, her facade slips from forced, banal confidence to seeing her husband anew after fifteen years of marriage. Actress Lee Grant brings out Celia's desperate emotion with simple, innocent gestures: a suggestive laugh, tracing her fingers on the TV image of her husband, and a whispered, forlorn promise to him.

Even the rescue launch director (actor uncredited) is all business during the countdown, quietly reading off checklists and acknowledging reports from his colleagues. Yet, at the very last second--and still businesslike--he looks at Manned Space Director Keith (Gregory Peck) with sorrow and frustration as both realize their rescue attempt is going to fail.

But, again--it's all subtlety. In reality, people often are, so the viewer has to LOOK for it. Even IMDb reviewers who favour this film seem to want flashier character traits, claiming the film to be excessively dry.

There's a common complaint from IMDb reviewers about a lot of films: "boring--entertain ME!" Sorry, that kind of complaint doesn't cut it. Gratuitous gun violence, sexuality, constant profanity, and guts/blood/guts--THAT gets boring. A film like _Marooned_ (or its nearest contemporary, _2001_), is paced deliberately for a reason. You must watch the characters closely, listen to the dialogue, and place both in the context of the story and setting. To dismiss _Marooned_ as 'boring' means you won't (or can't) see the point, and more's the pity.

I will say the film deserved MUCH better treatment, particularly the inexcusably shoddy ending, some robotic performances from bit players, and clumsy use of props. Yet, _Marooned_ is TRUE science fiction, not that Star Wars fantasy stuff. Did Luke Skywalker ever show any character development over the course of one film?

Reviewed by philr8 8 / 10

Great for fans of science fiction; others need not apply

I found this movie while I was searching through all the new movies on OnDemand. I usually look through the new movies about once a week, searching for some hidden gem I've never heard of. I'm not always successful, but this time I was.

I'm a pretty big sci-fi fan and especially love "speculative fiction;" meaning content about the near future that isn't necessarily out-of-this-world sci-fi. Authors like Philip K Dick and Jonathan Lethem excel in this genre, and I like Marooned fits in it very nicely.

Released in 1969, it obviously takes place at a not-much-later date - the inclusion of SKYLAB, launched in 1973, proves this. The rescue vehicle used also looks like a very crude version of the space shuttle - a futuristic test vehicle that looks grounded in reality enough to escape being campy. A few lines of dialogue also hint that a Mars expedition is something that is considered to be right around the corner.

Most complaints in the comments section refer to the pacing. All i can say is: go read a book. If 90-minute action fests are your barometer for the worth of a film, go elsewhere. There are no exploding fireballs or meteors ripping through space stations with stereotypical crazy Russians here. Instead, you get a fully realized and believable view into what might happen if some of our astronauts became stranded in space.

Personally, I was invested fully into the film and felt sad when the movie ended, the same way I feel when I finish a good book. The pacing here, if you are interested in the subject matter, is fine. For fans of science fiction, this movie is a must-see. For those of us who actually can sit through a book and enjoy it (and I don't mean "page-turners"), this movie is a great way to spend an afternoon. For everyone else, please avoid. You will only drag this movie's rating further into the mud.

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