Marriage with a Fool

2006 [CN]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 228

love triangle

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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by initial_racer_D_5635 8 / 10

Marriage with a fool

well this movie was very good. Alex Fog & Stephy Tang did an excellent job to make this movie. It had good movie's aspects. Sadly the ending of the movie was very disappointing. Ah Wah(Alex fog) & Bo(stephy tang) got back together and went on a trip to Japan. After they gone home, they still flirt with the people they were with before they got back together. i just think that was a unfaithful thing to do. Other then that everything else was excellent. I also like the way the director ended the movie. Although i said it was bad, it made you want to know what happens. It made me feel that i wanted to persuade the film producers to make "marriage with a fool 2" to finally conclude and show them how they solved their next problems as couples.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10

Straight forward and without any surprises...

"Marriage With a Fool" (aka "Duk ga si oi") is a very generic and predictable romantic comedy. It offers absolutely nothing new or overly exciting to the romantic comedy genre. As such, then there is very little to lure in the audience here as in terms of why to pick this movie in comparison to other movies of the genre.

The story is about newly married couple Wah (played by Lik-Sun Fong) and Bo (played by Stephy Tang), whose relationship is tested and ultimately torn apart by some SMS Wah received from a former friend of his named Josephine (played by Pace Wu).

Storywise then "Marriage With a Fool" doesn't really prove overly interesting or exciting. However, it is still watchable, although it being generic and predictable to the core.

What makes the movie worth watching is the acting performances by Lik-Sun Fong and Stephy Tang. But that is hardly enough to make one pick "Marriage With a Fool" over so many other movies in the romantic comedy genre. And actually there are also far better choices to pick from in the Hong Kong niché of the romantic comedy genre.

You know exactly how the movie will turn out and end from the very beginning. Yes, it is that predictable. However, I will say that I enjoy the little twist to the ending that director Patrick Kong threw in. I liked that.

"Marriage With a Fool" scores a very mediocre five out of ten stars rating from me.

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