Marry Go Round


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 93

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drbrass1-852-972352 7 / 10

Do people really talk like this?

I really like the actors. The scenery is beautiful. There is an unpredictable twist in the story. The story has my attention notwithstanding my predisposition to want to make fun of Hallmark Romances because of their predictable tropes.

I just never see people express themselves in real life like they do in these movies. This is life, polished. It is refreshing to see people willing to affirm past friendship and to forgive willingly. Real life seldom unfolds this way as far as I know it.

With all that said, Marry Go Round is an engaging and enjoyable Hallmark Movie so long as you enjoy fantasy movies without wizards and dragons. Great eye candy. Enjoy it. Just don't expect it to reflect on real life. But that's why we watch these movies isn't it?

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10


No great highs or lows or big surprises in the plot itself. The getting-married-but-not-divorced premise is not unusual, but it isn't used every week either. The reason for the original split is similar to a lot of teen break-up stories, but slightly different.

Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliot have a quiet chemistry which is appropriate for two leads who are in their 40's. Their time on screen together is good to watch. Zak Santiago does a nice job also. Santiago has a role which doesn't involve the extremes or silliness some of his characters have (or maybe just the one on Sign, Sealed, Delivered).

This story presents an impossible situation. Edward is cheated on, but Abby doesn't really cheat. Figure that out. The previous statement is not so much a technical statement as an emotional one. And the actors all do a good show showing all the feelings involved. That gives the movie slightly more depth than just saying no highs or lows.

The climax is cheesy. I often say I love sappy. There is a difference and to me this was cheesy.

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