Marry Me in Yosemite


Comedy / Romance

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September 12, 2022 at 10:33 AM

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Cindy Busby as Zoe
Tim Halpin as Kos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Nature movie

Didn't Cindy Busby just do this? Photojournalist. Wilderness. Personal guide.

A lot of Hallmark movies have breathtaking scenery. This one ranks right up there. The climbers on the cliff face add an awesome touch.

Conservation of nature and some tragic history of Native Americans is a big part of the movie. There's also a lot of talk about stories. Unfortunately, the overall story of this movie is overwhelmed by the scenery and quest for the perfect photo. There aren't a lot of story highs or lows and almost no tension.

The conflict came out of nowhere and seemed contrived as did the ending even though the overall outcome couldn't be anything other than what it was.

I haven't noticed Cindy Busby with so much emphatic gesturing in what I've seen of her in the past. She is exuberant too. This is a good role for her. She connected with Tyler Harlow but not with much spark.

Reviewed by drbreakwell 3 / 10

Great scenery that's all

Other than the great scenery the movie is a waste of time. How she would get a cell signal in the mountains is a mystery. Any educated person knows not to venture in the wilderness alone. When she goes with a guide, she takes heavy camera equipment that would take an extra pack to carry. The actress and the way she says her lines is a bit robotic. This actress should have left when she "married Mr. Darcy." Over the past couple of years, Hallmark's has lost its oomph. The scripts need to be beefed up by Hallmark. The only movies that have been anything more than boring were the murder mystery series.

Reviewed by teepack-75312 5 / 10

Nothing new here

Cindy Busby has done this movie before. I found her character both clueless and selfish. The conflicts they tried to set up were resolved within the same scene repeatedly. Can she find the reclusive guide (haven't seen him in weeks. But hey, complete stranger, here's directions to his house.) (No I will not help you. Ten seconds later: Okay sure I'll help, but I can't start until next week. Okay I'll start tomorrow.) The script was sorely lacking. There was no palpable chemistry between the leads. If my son hadn't visited Yosemite this summer (we asked him many times, did you see this?) the movie wouldn't have been worth watching. But the scenery was great.

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