Martyrs Lane



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
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Hannah Rae as Bex
Steven Cree as Thomas
Anastasia Hille as Lillian
Denise Gough as Sarah
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Reviewed by alisonc-1 8 / 10


Leah (Kiera Thompson) lives in the vicarage with her father Thomas (Steven Cree), mother Sarah (Denise Gough) and big sister Bex (Hannah Rae); as the vicar's family, life is constantly busy with parishioners coming and going at all hours. But at night, the big house feels gloomy and full of shadows, and when Leah is visited by a young girl (Sienna Sayer), she feels comforted by her and the little games that they play. As time goes on, however, the games get more dangerous and Leah might perhaps learn more than she wants to know about her family and herself....

This is a very atmospheric film, full of small moments in shadows and in quiet, too quiet, woods. There's a lot to take in as the movie unfolds, and while the viewer may well come to understand things fairly early on, the way the story moves at its own quiet, elegiac pace is just beautiful to behold. You may be left feeling melancholy, but you certainly won't be unmoved by this simple story, gracefully told.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

Very nicely executed supernatural thriller

Very nicely executed supernatural thriller about a young girl who experiences ghostly goings on in her new home.

There's effective details in this one, as the mystery is slowly revealed by way of smalls clues that bit by bit complete the central puzzle. The main event being a little girl who visits the protagonist in the dead of night and tells her the location of items to be collected. Acting, in particular by the two young actresses, is excellent.

Subtle, yet involving stuff.

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