Marvelous and the Black Hole



IMDb Rating 7.8 10 1512

Keywords:   woman director, magic, grief, magician, delinquent

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Rhea Perlman as Margot
Lucy DeVito as Annabelle
Miya Cech as Sammy
Leonardo Nam as Angus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by msbreviews 8 / 10

Sundance 2021: Marvelous and the Black Hole is a wonderful surprise, a brilliant directorial debut for Kate Tsang.

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It's definitely my fault, but my Sundance schedule so far can mostly be characterized by incredibly ambiguous endings, extremely layered narratives, and emotionally heavy stories that left me utterly exhausted by the end of the day. After an overwhelming, devastating viewing of Mass, I seriously needed something to boost my spirit and recharge my energy for the rest of the day. Therefore, I'm super delighted that Marvelous and the Black Hole is such a wonderfully light, funny, uplifting film.

Miya Cech (Sammy) and Rhea Perlman (Margot) offer two heartfelt, amusing performances by portraying captivating characters who have more things in common than they imagine. With a beautifully written, nuanced screenplay and terrific direction, Kate Tsang delivers a lovely story about sensitive matters such as grief, anger, and the whole "moving on" theme, but also about following your passion without holding anything back. It was with genuine pleasure and joy that I closely followed the young protagonist throughout the entire runtime without looking away from the screen.

My biggest compliment has to go to Tsang's writing. I can count so many apparently irrelevant little details that later pay off in such an emotionally resonant manner. I dropped a couple of tears in the last few minutes when Sammy gets to prove her worth, and part of that is also due to Miya's display, an astonishing surprise for me. In addition to this, I love the little sketches spread across the movie, like the screen was Sammy's notebook, demonstrating what she's feeling in the moment. An innovative, entertaining way of developing a character further.

Marvelous and the Black Hole is a massive surprise, being one of my absolute favorites from Sundance so far. Kate Tsang's feature directorial debut is a huge success that definitely places her as a filmmaker to pay close attention to in the following years. With a remarkably subtle, detailed screenplay, Miya Cech and Rhea Perlman spread their sparkling chemistry across the screen, delivering two of the most entertaining performances I've seen in the last few days. A heartwarming story that begins with the impact of the loss of a mother and finishes with an emotionally powerful, uplifting, magic(al) show that I'll remember for quite a while. The young protagonist is so relatable that I couldn't help but drop a couple of tears by the end.

Rating: A-

Reviewed by sweidman-28016 7 / 10

Very Cute

Marvelous and the Black Hole is adorable. A teenage delinquent teams up with a surly children's party magician to navigate her dysfunctional family and inner demons. Miya Cech and Rhea Perlman make a great duo. The story is very simple and easy to follow. This is a casual watch that young teens will fall for. The focus on the childlike nature is good and works well for the story. Sometimes it felt a little too childish, especially towards the end when it deals with heavier subjects. The tone could've been worked out a bit better, but it's still fun. This feels like something that will go to Netflix for people of all ages to enjoy.

Reviewed by fortmyers- 8 / 10

Interesting movie about grieving

Marvelous and the Black Hole was screened on the second day of the Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival. It is an interesting movie about grieving. It explores the mind and the heart of a teenage girl, the consequences and the conflicts created by trauma, what it's like to face a sudden tragedy. The movie has a weird style that makes it unique and keeps the story light.

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