Mary White



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Ed Flanders as William Allen White
Kaki Hunter as Selina
Kathleen Beller as Mary White
Diana Douglas as Jane Addams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merrywood 10 / 10

A Triumph in Visualized Storytelling

Memorable! This exquisite production brings to life the words of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, William Allen White in reminiscence after the death of his teenaged daughter in 1921. This is a feast for the literate, the discerning and the humanist. It must also be the peak realization of Ed Flanders' memorable career. He is well remembered here for his brilliant portrayal of the author.

Reviewed by vsturkey 10 / 10

Saw once 26 years ago - still fondly remember!

I forget many things - but this movie I have not!

Very sensitive and enriching.

I remember a great deal of humor and smiles, but also a strong and open message. I say open in that it is not an elitist, talk-down-to message - rather it is simple and accessible, without dumbing-down the feelings and efforts of the protagonists.

Excellent script/story that is very effectively, enjoyably realized.

See this movie. It must be showing on Hallmark, right?

Reviewed by heineker 8 / 10

A Young Life Well Lived

On November 18, 1977 everyone in Emporia tuned in to watch "Mary White", the made-for-TV movie about our hometown girl. That year was the only time I saw the work, but it stayed vivid in my mind. So, recently for a gift to myself, I bought the DVD of this movie filmed in my hometown.

From the beginning we know Mary dies. This film dramatizes what the White family, Emporia and, perhaps, the world lost. Because of her father's editorial fame and by her 16th year, Mary had dined with presidents, chatted with literati and consorted with the social thinkers of the day, all in her own home. She was bright, self-actualizing and a champion for doing the right thing. Then in 1921, she dies. Her father grieves in the only way he knows, through the press; and the world comes to know of Mary White, so much so that 56 years after her death, this work was filmed. Mary White was a remarkable young woman, and she is played superbly by Kathleen Beller.

The made-for-TV movie takes some dramatic license with the facts, has period gaffes and seasonal continuity problems (it was filmed in the spring); but, on the whole, is an inspiring and poignant portrayal of a teenage girl with a social conscience and the courage to work for change. I can only think of what contribution Mary would have made as an adult. Would her contribution have eclipsed her father and brother?

The William Allen White home is now an official site of the Kansas State Historical Society, open to the public. Many of the scenes in this film were shot within and on the grounds of Mary White's home.

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