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Jack Hawkins as Colonel Drexel
Charles Gray as Benson
John Le Mesurier as Sir Robert
Cliff Robertson as David Frazer
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Reviewed by morpheusatloppers 9 / 10

"Life Is A Masquerade, In Which A Hundred Different Parts Are Played. You Play The Hero Or A Fool, There Is No Golden Rule, It's Just A Masquerade..."

I love this film. It was sold as yet another Bond-spoof (like Bond NEEDED spoofing) but was so much more.

In addition to more location work than was usual at the time, it boasted a roster of stars that was incredible.

Cliff Robertson was young then and had STYLE, Marisa Mell was all leggy and gorgeous, Jack Hawkins was in his element, Michel Piccoli was bizarrely menacing, Bill Fraser was normally associated with British sitcoms, but excelled here in a dramatic role. Then you had British stalwarts Charles Gray, John Le Mesurier, Felix Aylmer and Ernest Clark, all topped off with Tutte Lemkow.

Philip Green's music was fantastic and Basil Dearden's direction quirky and atmospheric.

The film takes a whole reel to lift off, but when it does, it's a classic.

But since seeing it at the cinema and couple of times on the telly in the Seventies, this minor epic has VANISHED. And to add salt to the wound, there are other, LESSER films with the same title (which is annoying if your satellite listings magazine only lists films' TITLES).

So where the hell IS IT??? I can find no trace of a DVD - or even a VHS. There is scant mention of it anywhere and even THIS esteemed service has little additional info.

Is it a "lost film"? Anyone?

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Seems Straightforward Enough

Masquerade is an interesting film considering the energy situation today and the political atmosphere in those Moslem oil producing countries. The United Kingdom has been seeing country after country slip out from under their influence and this little country in North Africa is not going to be another if they can help it.

Young Christopher Witty is the king of said country, but as he is not 14 yet the country has been ruled by his uncle who has been cozying up to the Communist bloc. The uncle will rule in name as well as fact if the young king does not ascend the throne by whatever means.

Knowing that the UK government dispatches Lawrence Of Arabis type war hero from the second World War, Jack Hawkins to kidnap the young king and hold him until his majority. Hawkins in turn selects Cliff Robertson an American who worked for him during World War II.

Seems straightforward enough, but in the end everybody's got their own ideas of what to do with the kidnapped king. The only one not in it for anything is Robertson other than the salary he's been promised. All this intrigue going on around him and Robertson's just trying to stay alive and collect his dough.

Masquerade is a stylish little caper film that one can readily get into and doesn't tax us too much with too many unexpected twists. Hawkins is particularly good in this. Imagine Lawrence Of Arabis with back alimony problems. Casting Hawkins himself who was in Lawrence Of Arabia was someone's idea of an inside joke.

I'd check this out if you're a fan of Hawkins or Robertson.

Reviewed by lora64 7 / 10

A spy thriller

Lots of intrigue in this plot about kidnapping a ruling dignitary in the Near East. My main reason for watching is to see Jack Hawkins whom I always admired. There's some violence of course, and a shootout, but it's to be expected in this kind of movie. A good show.

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