Måste gitt

2017 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 1000

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Lena Endre as Lena

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH48 8 / 10

Seemingly impossible plot to turn into a good story, yet it worked out very well after all. Many unexpected turns of events. Ample humor as icing on the cake

Saw this at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2017 (website: https://iffr.com/en). After having read the synopsis on both the festival website as well as the distributors website (see: http://mastegitt.indiansummerfilm.se), I assumed the plot to be far-fetched and next to impossible to make a good story out of it. I was wrong with this a-priori assumption and I stand corrected.

The story develops very well, and unexpected turns of events are coming one by one. And as soon as you think that all possible surprises are exhausted, there is another one you did not see coming. Keeps your attention all the time, with a lot of humor as icing on the cake. Small but beautiful and useful roles of the father (seen a few times in flash-backs) and the mother (having an important effect at a pivotal moment), all of them having their logical place in the dramatic developments. Still more important are the fundamental laws of the street, where trust is of utmost importance and betrayal is severely punished.

Though not having won the VPRO Big Screen Award for which it was nominated by the Rotterdam film festival, it scored relatively high for the audience award, getting a deservedly 13th place (out of 172) with an average score of 4.322 (out of 5).

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10

sweedish filmcraftmanship at its best.

I fell into this flick with an expectation of a'' f...in åmål'' or ''kopps'', but i missed the target , but ended up with so much more.

its a film about sweedish suburbia, the sweedish ethnic gettoes suburbia, in fact the ciminal parts of sweedish ethnic ghetto suburbia. its about a man with a hidden talent for petty crimesd and being a diary writer. he has a dream to become an actor and comes to an audition. throwing of his jacket, with the diary in the inner pocket, it fells out and when the man leaves he doesnt notice that till its too late. one of the casters had seen the book and sees a great talent in whats written there. the book though contains names and numbers of his criminal mates and their deeds, and the main story is the telling about a desperate fight to get that book back....

its a brilliant story, it make you feel so uncertain all the way through, the acting and the harsh language used is nailed into you with an unbelievable force.

the grumpy old man are gobsmacked and can just recommend .

Reviewed by fjlagher 8 / 10

It's worth your time.

This movie need credibility. I liked it. I hought this would be bad. As a swedish myself, I've never heard of this movie or the actor who plays the main character in this story. He is a really good actor. This movie gave me some insight of what it's like on the other side of society, and it's inspirational. Watch this on Cmore!

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