Action / Drama / Horror

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Berna Roberts as Susan
Chanel Ryan as Lynn
Sadie Katz as Aeryn
Michael Paré as Adam Anderson
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P/S 11 / 30

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ursijaz 1 / 10

Worst Movie Ever!

We left home around 1:00 am to get the DVD because of the rating. However, the ratings appears to be paid...worst direction and acting ever!

Reviewed by sonekken 1 / 10

Can't trust imdb ratings

The only way I can explain the high avg rating for this one, is that the imdb rating system is broken for when propaganda movies must have high ratings. But this is not a propaganda movie. This is not a movie. This was an experiment to see who can get the worst acting in the history of acting. You will never see worse acting in your life. No matter how many movies you will watch, there is a zero chance you will see so many bad actors in the same film. Giving it one star because I liked the closing song.

Reviewed by zof222 1 / 10

Sooooo effing bad.....I loved it.

One of the best "So bad it's good" films I've seen in a long while. Every bad Cliche' is there with some of the worst dialogue and plot compromises I've ever seen....It's delicious. Sit back and enjoy this ludicrously awful piece of tripe for what it is...I loved it. Thought about giving it an ironic 9 but I don't think the creators would understand.

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