Mayor Cupcake


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Zoey Deutch as Lana Maroni
Lea Thompson as Mary Maroni
Judd Nelson as Donald Maroni
Dorian Harewood as Albert Peach
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Reviewed by intelearts 6 / 10

441th Review: Cutesy film with a message

Mayor Cupcake stars Lea Thompson as a baker who through an electoral default ends up as the mayor a small mid-west town and sets about putting it to rights.

The film is enjoyable at face value, but the parallels to contemporary national politics are a little too blatant, so rather than an allegory it becomes a parable.

If you can just enjoy the film for what it is then it is fun and cute and has good performances.

A pretty film and one that works well if the small town values ring true with you - we find it a little off-balance to be deeply enjoyable, but all in all, a nice film.

Reviewed by nowego 6 / 10

A nice little feel good comedy

Let me first say that I have been a Lea Thompson fan since I first saw her in Some Kind of Wonderful, over 20 years ago.

This is a little feel good movie that could be based on any number of small towns, although some of it is a little over the top.

The local very popular cupcake maker reluctantly runs for mayor but loses the election and by default gets elected when the winner has an accident.

The town is in financial difficulty due to the corrupt council and she works to get it back on it's feet.

The usual fight against the corrupt officials until she wins out. Nothing sophisticated just good overcoming evil and the good people living happily ever after.

I gave it a 6 and felt it was a well spend 85 minutes.

Reviewed by Mahtoska 6 / 10

Bridgeport or Wasila?

Mayor Cupcake is the tale of a baker who, through a series of unexpected and unwelcome events, becomes mayor of a small town.

The film has a couple of surprises. Leah Thompson is in the title role and works wonderfully as the quintessential girl next door, but that's no surprise, she's always been the all-American girl. One of the surprises is that both of her own real-life daughters are in this film as her own daughters. Another surprise is that Judd Nelson (Suddenly Susan, Breakfast Club) plays her policeman husband. The twist in this surprise is that one of their daughters is in a band that, at one part of the movie is playing and updated version of "Don't you forget about Me" (from the Breakfast Club!)

From a story telling perspective, as another reviewer suggests the movie works as a rather loose parable for contemporary politics; specifically in regards to Sarah Palin (who as a small town mayor and then as governor proved adept at taking on corrupt politicians and good ol' boy networks) and her Fox News pal Greta Van Susterin who make a cameo (as herself) in this movie. There are a couple of other minor surprise but I won't spoil those.

The movie was enjoyable as Leah Thompson is always fun to watch (and quite honestly would be a great choice to play Sarah Palin in a bio-pic) and the movie serves as an inspiration and a warning to fight the good fight but beware of the (personal) costs. That said, just sit back and enjoy!

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