Me, Natalie


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 805

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Al Pacino as Tony
Patty Duke as Natalie Miller
Bob Balaban as Morris
Elsa Lanchester as Miss Dennison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lysa1afk 10 / 10

Any girl who felt less than perfect will relate to this film

Those of us who grew up being less than "beautiful", can relate to Natalie all too well. We were unattractive, for whatever reason, and needed to feel loved and wanted. The progression of the film was perfect in the way it portrayed Natalie finding her own self, in both worth and confidence. The parents we excellently scripted and acted, as well as Farentino's character. It makes you laugh and cry at just the right times, and leaves you with a sense of being able to make the changes in your life that you didn't think were possible. I haven't seen this film since it's original release, but it has obviously made a tremendous impact upon me. I hope someone has the sense to release it on tape.

Reviewed by morefaves 7 / 10

Shot in Brooklyn

Part of this movie was shot right across the street from me, in an apartment building on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, NY, when I was a kid. One of my friends lived there, and when I came out of his apartment, I talked to Patty Duke who was sitting with some crew in the lobby, for a couple of minutes before they ushered me out. I was a major fan of the Patty Duke show, so I was thrilled, and she was very nice. It's the only movie I can ever remember shot in my neighborhood, and it caused quite a thrill. I don't remember much about the movie except the Brooklyn street scenes of neighborhoods I was familiar with. I'd love to see this movie again to relive some of those moments. Is it ever played on TV on one of the movie channels that specialize in older movies like AMC or Turner Classic Movies?

Reviewed by filmsRreel 10 / 10

A lost Classic!

I watched a film print from my collection of this coming of age story last night for the first time in years and came away feeling somber, yet inspired at the same time. Patty Duke is remarkable as Natalie and she does indeed have a transformation of character. Natalie metamorphosis's before our eyes from an "ugly duckling" to a beauty by the film's end. The change has nothing to do with makeup, but everything to due with Duke's power as an actress. All of the performances are stellar. I like Henry Mancini's melancholy score. It is difficult to fathom why this inspirational film is unavailable to the public in any format including cable and satellite television. Many could relate to this story and find the movie helpful.

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