Mean Mother


Action / Drama

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Luciana Paluzzi as Therese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavm 4 / 10

Mean Mother doesn't always live up to title

After seeing Grindhouse last weekend, I wanted to see something that came from the real grindhouse or drive-in of the '70s. A movie with the title Mean Mother looked like something up my alley. It seemed to have started that way with Our Hero Beauregard Jones making a drug deal with his contact that goes sour and has him kicking the bad guys' butts, but then we meet his white buddy from the Vietnam War and many of his exploits gets the lion's share of the story when they're separated. Too bad, though when it does get back to Jones, there's also his girlfriend Tracy King (better known as Marilyn Joi) who's there as eye candy but what eye candy! She's worth seeing when, after getting tied up, she convinces her white captor to set her free in exchange for some hanky panky with plenty of nudity provided on screen. I should note that Our Hero is played by Clifton Brown a.k.a. Dobie Gray whose best known hit song was "Drift Away" ("Give me the beat, boys, to free my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock-n-roll and drift away...") Also Italian redhead Luciana Paluzzi, who is best known as Fiona Volpe in the James Bond film Thunderball, plays the white buddy's doomed girlfriend Therese. Like I said, there's plenty of boring stretches involving the white buddy but by the end it's back to Jones for an action packed ending (of the low budget kind anyway) that should make you at least glad you saw this once...

Reviewed by TEXICAN-2 1 / 10

Not A Mean Mother, An Embarrassing One

I can usually find something good, or worthwhile, in most movies. Here, I can say Lucianna Paluzzi's the best thing about this show. BUT, even she couldn't save it. The stunt work was pathetic, I probably did this good, or better, as a kid and this was supposed to professional???!!! Everything was done slowly, without it being slowed down to show the fast action, it was DONE SLOWLY, poorly choreographed and executed. It was just embarrassing. The black guy, who wound up having most of the action/fight scenes, was SO out of shape you could see why his stunt work wasn't better. The acting was on par with the stunt work. If you want to catch another 70's black action flick because you want to have complete knowledge of the genre, here's the worst. If you want something entertaining, get Black Godfather, Cotton Comes To Harlem, or any Fred Williamson flick, these were at least good, and you'll be glad you skipped this one.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

It's an Al Adamson film.....need I say more?!

During his career directing movies, Al Adamson has created an infamous list of films to his credit. I would clearly put him on the list of 10 worst directors in history, with garbage pictures like "Psycho A Go-Go", "Angels' Wild Women", "The Naughty Stewardesses", "Horror of the Blood Monsters", and "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" to his credit (or discredit). Aside from, perhaps, William Grefe, Ray Dennis Steckler and Ed Wood...I honestly can't think of a worse director! But deciding which of these is worse is akin to choosing between having Ebola, cancer or a flesh-eating virus...they're all very nasty!

Well, with "Mean Mother", Al's at it again. But instead of his usual garbage film, this time he secured the rights to a Spanish film. He then hacked the movie apart and inserted a few new scenes and, voila, an all-new blacksploitation movie!! If this isn't a recipe for disaster, I don't know what is!

Oddly, "Mean Mother" stars Dobie Gray....a man known for singing pop tunes like "Drift Away". And, you can tell that Gray is no actor, with stilted delivery of his lines and some hilariously bad fight scenes that look as if they're all being done in slow-motion! And, most of the time he just appears to be slapping his enemies silly!

The story begins in the 1970s but then there's a long flashback where you see Beauregard Jones (Gray) meeting up with a white guy and becoming friends with him in Vietnam. Years pass and they each go their separate ways...but both paths lead to a life of crime. Now, back in the present, the two are reunited.

Aside from seeing the gorgeous Luciana Paluzzi (a Bond villainess in "Thunderball"), there isn't a lot to recommend here. The fight scenes are silly and completely unchoreographed, the acting is amateurish and the overall picture, despite the action, is awfully slow and dull. Heck, the sound is even bad--with some characters sounding a bit loud and others being almost impossible to hear! Still, for an Adamson film my complaints are NOT that severe. Now I am not saying any of this is isn't. But it's not among the director's schlockiest...though this isn't saying much!

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