Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.4 10 5030

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Gary Stretch as Nigel Putnam
Jaleel White as Dr. Terry McCormick
Robert Picardo as Admiral Calvin
Darin Cooper as Commander Vail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stsinger 8 / 10

The Mega Shark returns!!

After its titanic battle with the Giant Octopus, the world had only one question -- what would happen if the Mega Shark did battle with a 1500 foot giant crocodile? Well, luckily, we know the answer, as "Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus" is finally released!

Easily mistaken for a documentary, this film follows a band of intrepid heroes -- an oceanic sound engineer (played by Jaleel White, yup, "Urkel") who knows about sharks, a drunken hunter who knows about crocodiles, and an uptight FBI agent who is also a helicopter pilot and wears a tight tank top -- as they chase the two monsters around the globe.

The plot is straightforward; while mining diamonds in the Congo, workers unleash a giant crocodile. Meanwhile, the Mega Shark has returned and apparently finds crocodile eggs indescribably delicious. Thus, the tension between the two beasts. The top-of-the-line special effects will blow your mind as we follow the story from Miami Beach to Orlando to California to the Panama Canal. The Mega Shark is up to its old tricks (eating boats, jumping out of the water to attack planes, etc) and the Crocosaurus will live in your nightmares as you watch it trample through cities.

I am certain this film is 100% scientifically accurate, and should be required viewing for anybody who enjoys good, mindless fun and doesn't take things too seriously!

Reviewed by steve917 1 / 10

Be careful!

After a long time thinking about this movie I came up with two theories about its existence:

1. On some weekend in the early 80's a group of 14-year-olds sneaked into an empty Hollywood studio. Without any clue, script, or skill but a lot of beer and dope they shot this film in a few hours. Afterwards, when sober they figured how disastrous and scary the result was (even for drunk high school kids), and they tried to destroy the tape. But somehow it got into the hands of The Joker who thought it was a powerful weapon of mass destruction if ever published – well, he was wrong, but close.

2. This production was meant to become the worst movie of all time. But it still failed to make it. From the worst movie of all time I definitely expect to have fun watching it. But this one is pure pain – the Joker was not that wrong.

If there wasn't two or three actors I recognized from somewhere else I wouldn't have believed that there was a single film professional involved in this "thing".

My recommendation: Rather use the 88 minutes it takes to watch it, for reading the newspaper from 4 weeks ago. Afterwards you will regret it less.

Reviewed by nox-91475 1 / 10

A list of the stupidest things in this train-wreck

We decided to watch this movie for laughs, but had no idea how but absolutely bad it was going to be. Not a single element of the film can be salvaged. Here are some of the things that made me laugh/cringe:

1. The Bar. There are two short bar scenes, one in "Congo" the other in "Mexico". The bar is the EXACT SAME. They couldn't even be bothered to paint the walls, or change the liquor bottles. They simply replaced African Masks for Sombreros on the walls. 2. The word Eggs is pronounced 357 times 3. The "helicopter" has desk chairs... and they're mismatched. 4. The hero (Jaleel White) builds a high tech ultrasonic device out of a... small plastic circuit board... with a screwdriver. 5. The shark roars underwater. Just like a tiger 6. My absolute favorite (I cried laughing and replayed it): Gary Stretch runs toward the monster and does an unnecessary pirouette landing ungainly on his back, guns flailing awkwardly, then clumsily stands up firing, tongue out in effort. All in beautiful slo-mo.

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