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Reviewed by goodellaa 4 / 10

Sort of entertaining nonsense.

Why is this movie playing in an art-house venue, or any other theater, I thought. Joined several other curious strangers to find out. A local broadcast tv station had been having marathons of shark fantasy movies and some of them were fun. This should be better, yes? Anyway, no one gets caught up in a story like this for long. Too many things take you out. The lady playing the Chinese technician (survivor of a tragic and low-budget naval disaster) does a nice poker-face while acting displays itself furiously around her. This character is being held on a U. S. Naval vessel so that makes way more sense than most of what happens. Loads of exposition, and it looks like this is a sequel to some movie I've never heard of, so I came late to the story. Real Naval personnel don't have such entertaining banter with officers, or stand around on the deck directing fire when "world war three" is imminent. Why would giant sharks attack ships, San Diego, or anything? Part of a Chinese plot! Okay. Wishing good fortune on all who set sail with this project. Don't think it will play well on tv at home. Show it in a theater packed with intoxicated people though, and you could have something!

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