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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgbj-24597 7 / 10

It's hard being a working class lesbian in China.

First off, there is no sexual violence in this movie. Meili is about a Chinese working class lesbian trying to make a better life for herself, but things keep getting in the way. She wants to move to Shanghai to try bigger city life. She works from job to job and things are hard. It's a very slow real to life movie. Reminds me some of Jim Jarmusch's work but a little faster than most. It's a 90 minute look into working class China and if you ever had to work for minimum wage or close to, you will relate to this and maybe see a coworker in the main character. The lead actress is great and brings the whole thing together. The plot is predictable, but the movie feels very grounded that you really feel for Meili's struggles. The camera work is a little jarring in it's movements at times, like they couldn't afford to take too many takes or weren't filming with permits. But the actors pull it off. If you enjoy indie films, give this a watch. If you're looking for a budget or something more fast pace and a little Hollywood, then this might not be for you.

Reviewed by evony-jwm 2 / 10

very difficult to watch

Very slow to the point of tedious, a dystopian tale of what living in China Commie CCP must be like with no redeeming values

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