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Reviewed by Mblodnieks 9 / 10

Depression Deconstructed

This movie completely freaked me out. It was SO well done, but if you've ever suffered from serious depression it really gets under your skin.

People I know who watched this movie thought it was boring and didn't understand it. I understood it very well. I have never seen a better metaphor for depression, and the seductiveness of "giving in."

If you're very depressed, don't watch this movie alone.

Reviewed by infinitesilence6 9 / 10

I have never wished for a collision with another planet, until I watched this film

When we think about the end of the world, we usually think about the things we have always wanted to do, but never got the chance to. In whatever way it is that we wish to live our last hours on earth, whether it be by going out with close friends and relatives, or doing the things you never thought you'd do, the feelings of impending doom are the driving force behind our decisions. There have been many films lately that seek a comedic twist to something of this level (which isn't a bad thing), but what Lars Von Trier does with Melancholia is give us a beautifully orchestrated vision about the beauty that comes with the destruction of our planet as well as very realistic and often somber interactions between the characters in this film. One can't help but be mesmerized and terrified by the magnitude of Melancholia and the attention to detail, the science (dear lord!) was easy to understand and though it wasn't the focal point of the film, it was enough to offer the audience an idea as to how something like that was possible. (I would be lying if I said it didn't make me weep.) The film is separated by chapters that focus on the two sisters played by Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg and their lives before and after they found out about Melancholia. I believe that by taking the time to show us how the sisters were before the end of the world even became a possibility, we understand why they react the way they do to the news. Accepting what is to come instead of fearing it is what separates the sisters and the conversations/arguments that transpire speak a lot about the human condition and forces us to ask ourselves: What will I do with the time I have left? I watched this film about a month ago and I still think about it. It's captivating and absolutely worth your time.

Reviewed by desdenova 7 / 10

Goods and Bads

Von Trier mostly tackles issues related to the human condition and social norms rather than telling a straight forward story. He is more insightful and brave than most mainstream directors. Philosophical topics in the movie can be discussed in a much more thorough review.

This movie is very beautifully shot and Kirsten Dunst it outstanding. The purpose and some of the intents in the movie are well planned and deliberate. Yet they are not on the form of slaps to the audience's face. This makes the movie a better experience whereas the pretentiousness, benignity or meaninglessness of a person or a social act is put on display. Still the movie does not insult these acts or label these acts neither moral nor immoral.

People with conservative worldviews or moral values might find some parts repulsive. While more liberal audience can empathize. Thus makes the movie even more appealing. It is the type of the movie where everyone can find something to discuss on their terms of perception of the world.

Also there are scenes that are referencing literature and artwork which are in my opinion are more like bonuses rather than adding the narrative.

The problems with the movie in my opinion is the unnecessary anticlimactic parts that ruin the pace maybe deliberately but not for the positive. The depression aspect may have been reflected differently. It feels some parts are disconnected and may it be the filmmakers intent this creates boredom rather than the expression of depression or anxiety.

The film demands quite a lot from the audience and the pauses might be for the purpose of giving time to the audience. But some references are only apparent to an informed audience. In my opinion biblical references could either have been left out or expressed more understandably.

Some of the vagueness in the movie also makes me question the courage of the director. It is as if some points were not expressed as strongly as it could have been.

To briefly summarize this movie is about depression and anxiety but may it be because of a very a specific case or that I couldn't empathize completely due to the blanks in the narrative.

Some people resemble the movie to a symphony and I agree with the analogy. It is like a partly beautiful but not completely satisfying symphony.

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