Mentally Apart


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 30

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieGags 10 / 10

It's not for everyone but it's definitely for everyone who like to use their brain!

I don't know how to write a review without giving spoilers away. Let's just say this is a psychological masterpiece. It isn't a one time watch. The suspense holds your attention from the moment you hit play. Every single moment is connected to one thing and you'll just have to watch it to see. There is no movie like it in this generation for sure. Watching it a second time you start to realize all of the symbolisms, it's like watching a whole new movie. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by BtzLtd 2 / 10

"A modern day Stanley Kubrick..."

So says the tagline to this movie! to be fair, half the score seems to be lifted from the shining. also there are several scenes "inspired by" kubricks work. youll notice. that said, imitation does not a successor make, its an embarrassing claim. this is a movie about a relationship, condensed to show it from first date to murder fantasies and beyond. its a decent watch, but includes major foreshadowing almost off the rip, so the story is pretty boring. its also no help that the entire thing is shot in what looks like a small 1 bedroom apartment. the many lingering still camera and slow push scenes with little dialog have to rely on the too-loud, too-familiar score. its one to grow on for "kubrick jr," but i wouldnt recommend this movie

edit: they changed the kubrick tagline to highlight the fact that its low budget. the merit of a movie is not based on dollars

Reviewed by fatherofjohnny 2 / 10

Nightmare on Screenplay Street!

So, I love to uncover low-budget movies that are able to outshine their limited purse-strings. This is NOT one of them. It was hard to watch all the way through. The story is a couple's linear digression from romantic lust to mutual insanity. A twist would have been nice. Also, it is slow to present the CONFLICT to compel the viewer to continue watching. It takes half the movie for the conflict to to arrive. The dialog can be best described as mostly-conversational blah. The foundation of all good low-budget movies is the screenplay. Without a good screenplay, you got bupkis.

On a positive note, the music score cleverly reminded me of Benny Herman (Psycho, Vertigo, etc...) whose music I love, so I look forward to hearing more from Sascha Blank.

As it says in the end credits: "That's all Folks!"

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