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Eddie Jones as Pastor Gregory Luke
Jack Carter as Mr. Bello
Joe Egender as Wendell
Linda Porter as Henrietta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 1 / 10

A Complete Mess

I usually write a synopsis in the beginning of any review to give a glimpse of the plot to the readers. Unfortunately I will not write the summary of this movie simply because I did not understand it, what is frustrating for an horror movie.

The screenplay is a mess and hard to understand the plot. The atmosphere is creepy, but after spending 79 minutes running time, I did not understand what happened. In the end, is grandma good or evil? Who is Hastur? Is Jim Swann George's father? Why did he threaten the boy with a gun? Sorry but this movie is a creepy garbage. Chandler Riggs should have stayed in "The Walking Dead" only. My vote is one (awfull).

Title (Brazil): "Mercy"

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Master Hastur

The film opens with a Mr. Ree answer: Frank with an axe in the Living Room...West Virginia 1967. The film moves to the present and we quickly know what happened in the opening scene. Grandma Mercy (Shirley Knight) has taken a shine to her grandson George (Chandler Riggs). We discover grandma had triplets and is somehow connected to old world paganism while something supernatural is going on. We get sparse hints until about 40 minutes into the film when we get the long version of the tale.

Grandma is suffering from Alzheimer, although she responds best to George who has an invisible friend...and how long was that drawn circle in the basement there before anyone noticed...and were the candles always lit? We do get to see the whatever late in the film and I thought the over priced black velvet painting was better.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. On a side note, there were no opening FBI copyright warnings. The film starts off playing on its own like a cheap pirate DVD.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 7 / 10

A bit muddled, but overall eerie and effective

Single mother Rebecca (a fine performance by Frances O'Connor), her sweet son George (well played by Chandler Riggs), and George's jerky older brother Buddy (a sound turn by Joel Courtney) go to a remote country house to take care of their ailing grandmother (an excellent portrayal by Shirley Knight). However, things get grim and dangerous after it's discovered that dear old granny made some kind of sinister pact with some maleficent evil supernatural forces.

Director Peter Cornwell, working from a compact (if somewhat incoherent) script by Matt Greenberg, keeps the absorbing premise moving along at a steady pace, expertly crafts both a strong rural atmosphere and a spooky gloom-doom mood, grounds the fantastic premise in a believable everyday reality, and pulls out the creepy and stirring stops for the wild climax. Moreover, the solid acting by the capable cast holds this picture together: Riggs makes for a sympathetic protagonist, Knight cuts a deeply unsettling figure as one nasty old bat, and there are sturdy supporting contributions from Dylan McDermott as the happy-go-lucky Jim Swann, Mark Duplass as the bitter Uncle Lanning, and Eddie Jones as the loyal Pastor Gregory Lake. Both Byron Shah's crisp widescreen cinematography and Reza Safinia's shivery score are up to par. However, this film is slightly undermined by a few annoying cheap scares and an occasionally murky narrative. But overall it's a pretty good little fright flick.

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