Merry Swissmas


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Tim Rozon as Liam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by majoq 6 / 10

Liked it

It's an ok Christmas movie. Not the best I've ever seen, but enjoyable.

The photography is the best!

Now let's talk about the acting: From top to bottom The kid Hudson Robert Wurster rocks it.

Sweetin is ok.

Rozar always plays the same kind of character, so I don't understand the surprise.

But the worst of all was and will be Mikaela Lily Davies. Her performance was at kindergarten level. Awful!!

Now the plot: the kid's father knew that Sweetin was leaving, since she was an architect that traveld a lot when he invited her to join him and the kid on Christmas activities, but then blamed her for his son's caring for her!? That was ridiculous. She tried to make a child happy.

Watch it but don't expect too much.

P. S: I'm tired of this kind of movie in which the woman has to leave everything behind, even her dreams "for the sake of the family". Are we in 2022 or what?!

Reviewed by frizzysloughse 2 / 10

Hardly anything swiss about this

When people abroad try to make a film about your homecountry it can be really good or really bad. Here there is so much bad. There's really nothing much swiss about this film apart from the swiss flags everywhere (which we don't really have except for 1st of August). It seems like it's someones idea of what the country might be like from looking at a tourist brochure from 30 years ago and mixed it up with a clearly American house and American scenery with a view swiss mountain pictures added in as transitions.

The film itself continues to disappoint. The acting isn't great, the plot is very simple, not really believable and just flat. Having those two former friends meet with those semi love quarrels and OF COURSE the handsome hotel guy is a widower for whom the main character falls for.. i mean its just so blatantly bad.

I'm glad i didn't pay for this. What a waste of time though.

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 5 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Merry Swissmas

Merry Swissmas is my latest review. Hey, the beginning of November marks the holidays for me so why not. Directed by John L'Ecuyer in yuletide postcard fashion, "Swissmas" follows the beats of most Lifetime silly season flicks like a manual. You've got the two leads who each lost a loved one a couple of years ago. You've got the female lead traveling from the big city to a faraway place and maybe staying there for a long time. You've got that big smooch at the end (it's compulsory people). Finally, you've got those endless Christmassy festivities leading up to the big day (that would be Xmas day of course). Let's pour out a little eggnog shall we.

So OK, Merry Swissmas has one big hook that keeps it from being in the snowy basement. It takes place in Switzerland (hence the title). The movie looks really good, like you've gone to Christmas heaven while floating on the Pearly Gates. You can smell the hot chocolate, you can feel the fire crackling, and you can hark the warmth of wearing a bad sweater. Notice I haven't gotten to why I can't recommend "Swissmas". It's coming, just like the 25th which is over a month away.

Merry Swissmas is about an architect who meets an older man while visiting her family in the Playground of Europe (Switzerland's nickname, I looked it up). "Swissmas" stars Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon, two actors whose characters are supposed to fall in love but who's kidding. Their chemistry is nil, like passing ships or a platonic combo, it's a strange courtship. Now I do believe Sweetin can act but her performance here felt off, all pauses and reacting like an unvarying read through. As for Rozon, well he just looks distinguished yet downtrodden. Wha?? Every scene between these two felt ill at ease. I mean c'mon guys, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Yeesh!

Minimal on plot, a pace that suggests watching ice melt (pun intended), and very little conflict until the hour mark (a little tiff between the lovebirds). Besides the winsome scenery, that's what you get while viewing Merry Swissmas. This "Swiss misses" the mark.

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