Messengers 2: The Scarecrow



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
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Norman Reedus as John Rollins
Claire Holt as Lindsey Rollins
Matthew McNulty as Sheriff Milton
Richard Riehle as Jude Weatherby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dimarinc 4 / 10

Low grade farm based horror movie

The Messengers 2 is a very prototypical low grade horror sequel. These types of movie never feature the stars that made the first and try to capture the mood of the first without stepping on it's toes too much. The idea would be to elaborate on the parts that worked and avoid the parts that didn't. Unfortunately most of them do the opposite and this entry is no different.

As a full movie this isn't as terrible as some horror movies you'll see out there. There are a few interesting ideas and twists but not many. The movie is also acted well if not lacklusterly under toned.

The concept of being scared of the scarecrow just didn't work for me. It never really seemed like anything other than an inanimate object. The movie kind of crawled along and was predictable as well. There was too much emphasis on the farm (which albeit is a key theme) and not enough focus on the horror. The first movie was good because it mixed the farm setting with an inherited horror and human interaction. This movie left the interaction out and elaborated on the farm.

I would really only recommend this movie to farm lovers. If you loved the first movie then it's worth a watch but you'll likely be disappointed.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10

Land Is All That Matters

The family man farmer John Rollins (Norman Reedus) is stressed with his financial situation: the crows and the lack of irrigation are destroying his crop of corn; the bank is near closure of his mortgage; he does not have credit to fix the water pump or to buy seeds; and his marriage is in crisis and his wife Mary (Heather Stephens) is giving too much attention to her friend Tommy (Atanas Srebrev). When John accidentally discovers a hidden compartment in the barn, he finds a creepy scarecrow but his son Michael (Laurence Belcher) makes him promise to destroy it. However, his neighbor Jude Weatherby (Richard Riehle) visits him, gives a six-pack of beer to the abstemious John and convinces him to put the scarecrow in the cornfield. Out of the blue, the life of John changes: the crows die; the pump works again irrigating the land; and the banker responsible for the closure has an accident and dies. However, he feels that his land is possessed by something evil that is threatening his beloved family.

"Messengers 2: The Scarecrow" is a good direct-to-video supernatural movie. The story may be not original but is well constructed, with a good screenplay and effective performances of veteran and novice actors and actresses. The conclusion is the weakest part of this decent horror movie. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Os Mensageiros 2" ("The Messengers 2")

Reviewed by stormofwar 5 / 10


You more of less have to know what your getting into with this film.

To make a long story short, Randy is a down on his luck farmer. He finds and puts up a scarecrow, then things start to go his way, but people wind up dying.

The story was surprisingly good for a b-class flick, and the acting was decent as well. Minus a few holes in the plot, the premise is good. I can't really complain about the technical aspects of the film. There is enough blood to satisfy those looking for it, and enough twists to make you nod in approval.

This won't win any awards, nor will it go down in the annals of Worst 100 (if it does, I will be extremely disappointed). More of less, it's an average flick with just enough story to keep you interested.

5/10 - overall, could pass for a theater release, despite being direct to video. Certainly better then 2/3'rds of the crap in the theaters now-a-days.

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