Metal Lords


Comedy / Drama / Music

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Keywords:   high school, heavy metal, high school band

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Jaeden Lieberher as Kevin Schlieb
Brett Gelman as Dr. Sylvester
Isis Hainsworth as Emily Spector
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by S_dot_M_dot 6 / 10

Rocking' Coming of Age

When outcasts Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) decide enough is enough and are going to become the raddest metal band the world has ever laid eyes on, they discover they have a few problems. First, they need a bass player. Second, they need to win the Battle of the Bands. When they recruit Emily (Isis Hainsworth), who is a cellist, the new trio has now formed an unstoppable trio that is ready to take the world by storm.

Director Peter Sollett did a good job of creating a coming-of-age film with the backbone of a Behind the Music feel. You see how the three main characters are faced with life changing incidents and how they overcome them. With DB Weiss on as writer, I wouldn't expect a film like this considering his previous producing credits. The writing and directing teams collaborated to create a film that holds the viewer's attention while flying by.

The film's killer soundtrack pushes the narrative throughout. Each song works in unison with what's going on in the film and even blends with the band members' rehearsals. The biggest technical strength is the editing of the music to the instruments. This may even be chalked up to the actors putting in the work to learn the songs. Even if they are stand in musicians, that just shows the editing is doing convincing work to deliver a true rock feel.

Jaeden Martell is the workhorse in the film. He carries the dramatic tones of the film while still delivering the comedic beats. Adrian Greensmith has a tough as screws mindset and is the driving comedic force in the film. Isis Hainsworth teeters on the brink of rage, ready to burst at the slightest inconvenience. For me, Joe Manganiello is the highlight of the film. A small role that doesn't overpower the cast but leaves a lasting impression.

When you hit the later stages of the second act, this film really drops off. The overall story structure is not breaking any new ground, so you would hope things stay consistent throughout. Thankfully, the film redeems itself and finishes strong with a third act that wraps things up. Some jokes feel forced, and things are done just for the sake of doing them.

Metal Lords knows its audience and delivers when it counts. In the age of direct-to-streaming films, you're going to get a lot of films that feel rushed and just put out there. The careful attention to the musical details is what sets this one apart. This is a good way to have a rocking good time with laughs along the way.

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