Meteor Moon


Adventure / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.5 10 135

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Dominique Swain as Colonel Hauser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 5 / 10

Lost in Space ( in a Ford Mustang ????)

It is unfair to rate or review any movie from The Asylum as if it's a serious film. As if it's even a real movie. Some of us love their films and are excited at each new release because they can be so WTF, as to be entertaining. Unfortunately some Asylum films bore and Meteor Moon is kind of a mix , at times LOL bad and at other times, just boring. The film starts out strong, as in right off the bat , I was laughing at how ridiculous it was. The over-acting was terrible, the situation itself ludicrous. As it progressed though, it started to bore, taking itself way too seriously. It didn't help that the movie is divided into scenes where actors are obviously filmed separately, on one set and most likely in one day. Whoever Dominique Swain is , she's got top billing and all she does is stand in one place looking nervous while she yells her lines at the camera. The real stars of this are Chris Boudreaux and Michael Broderick who play brothers trying to save the world and considering the cr*p dialogue they are forced to speak, they are pretty good. Both handsome , appealing actors they save this turkey in space and in the end I actually cared what happened to them. Of course the sets all look like the budget department handed the set decorator $40 and told them to go to Lowes and bring back the change. Other then the 2 leading men, it was a Ford Mustang that saved this movie because what they use that car for has to be seen to be believed. This is what Asylum movies are all about, taking the plot to a place that is so far-fetched it becomes entertaining. I wish the middle had been better, but Meteor Moon is a decent Asylum film. Watch it for the Ford, it's worth it.

Reviewed by pidstr 2 / 10

Keyword, "inconsistent"

Ridiculous timeline, too much technobabble dialog, on top of inconsistent visual looks, inconsistent CGI quality control, and very inconsistent acting. Sure, Asylum, but they could have done so much more if they'd been consistent in production quality control, even at this budget.

Reviewed by paul-warner-dogs 4 / 10

It's from the Asylum Studios

Why are people so surprized that it's not another Deep Impact but a B grade movie. Sit back and enyoy it for what it is..

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