2017 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 1655

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NajmiSelamat 9 / 10

Beautiful Movie.

This movie really make me thinking about life. The plot is simple but for some reason it can touch my heart. I also like the acting a lot. The meaning behind the story is subtle enough and I like it a lot.

Reviewed by kimsuzi08 9 / 10

Everything is perfect and nothing bothers me.

Everything is perfect and nothing bothers me. If all those who produce movies have this much sense, directing, and neatness, the world will be filled with really good films.

I literally can't believe such a wonderful and beautiful movie can be made with $320k in production costs. It is super LIT!

The most remarkable thing is lighting. The lighting behind the camera, which illuminates characters in a narrow space such as a dark alley or room, evokes naturalness but also makes them more adorable. However, there was no lighting in the scene of couple at dawn, and this delivers the temperature of air, which is so much colder and heavier. I really like these lighting decisions.

The structure, script, and acting were also good. Leakless structure, editing without superfluous parts! I felt like that I read a tidy article with a fabulous topic and solution.

It was a very enviable and respectful time for people who make fun things fun. The world is full of fun and cool stuffs, and it makes me struggling!

Hyeon-jeong, Dae-yong, and Rok-yi's episodes were very fun and giggling, but Jung-mi's consternated me. The movie was so adept at getting the issue off the table, but I think we should highlight it.

"I have money for a glass of whiskey and cigarettes, but no money to pay the rent."

If I regard the former as a metaphor for the most indispensable and fundemental cost of pursuing individual happiness, yes I can agree. I don't want to force the people to give it up. However, I think it is a pretty dangerous idea to ask someone else for a favor because I'm willing to give someone a bed when he or she asks me. I would have hooked if Mi-so slept in the parks and spent the rent at an indispensable basic cost. But she decided to share the burden with others, so she didn't lose anything. Of course, Jung-mi is rich to waste in throwing good food away, so in that episode it's almost Jung-mi's fault to reject Mi-so. But I doubt that Mi-so did well.

"Let's owe a favor to others just until I save the deposit of the house rent."

Can't she stop pursuing her own happiness until she save the deposit?

Reviewed by thisisforspam579 9 / 10

Quietly Rebellious and Openly Heartbreaking

A beautiful and heartbreaking exploration of what I can only recognise as post-university life: Miso, struggling to pay the rising monthly cost of rent, medicine, food, cigarettes and whisky, tries to crash with old friends while she finds somewhere cheaper.

Once bandmates, these friends have gone their own ways. Some want nothing to do with her, others a little too much, but what unites these re-encounters is Miso's open, unashamed charm and the devastating effect this has on her friends. Friends who, while only a little way up the road of compromises that seem to make up adult life, can't bear to be faced with someone who is not yet compromised.

Miso will pay for this. But my conclusion was not to judge her refusal to change, or either to condemn the so-called "friends" unable to take her seriously, but to lament the overwhelming misery of it all. The city is too expensive. It demands not compromise but servitude from those like Miso who lack support. She would have to give up all her joy to meet its standards. And this was the choice of her friends, and worse, a choice taken as necessity. (Meaning they fail to respect her choice to do otherwise).

The film is well paced, subtle and timed. The cinematography was soft, deep and understated: teetering between aesthetic/attractive and pragmatic/unconscious successfully. Similarly, the editing has style but also purpose, never distracting from the world of the film.

It's difficult to say just how impressed I am by Microcosm. Just that I can only begin to wonder why such a great film flew so low, and that I start getting annoyed when I do.

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