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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

overwrought and cheap

This is a prime example of false advertising if you look at the video cover pictured here on IMDb as well as on the different cover of the version I watched. BOTH prominently feature Humphrey Bogart on the cover, yet he is only in the movie a couple minutes and says very little in the film. His only real purpose in the film is to be a murder victim! So, unless you are a die-hard Bogey fan who wants to see all his films, pass on this one.

Now as to the plot, it is completely ridiculous and overdone---with incredibly overwrought performances by nearly all. It is obvious when watching this film that it was produced by a 3rd-rate studio--it has "poverty row" written all over it. It's at best a time passer.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Friends in High places.

Midnight was a film shot in New York by a whole bunch of Broadway players who had nothing else to do during afternoons when there were no matinees. By coincidence nearly the whole cast went on to Hollywood and appeared in productions better than this.

O.P. Heggie plays the foreman of a jury that convicted a woman of first degree murder, thereby advancing the career of the District Attorney. On the night that the convicted woman is to die, in fact at the stroke of midnight, Heggie's daughter, Sidney Fox, kills her gangster boyfriend Humphrey Bogart who's running out on her.

It's a crime of passion, just like the one that Heggie and the jury he led convicted that other woman for. I don't want to spoil the ending of this film if you're interested in seeing it. Let us just say that a District Attorney is a good friend to have.

Fans of Humphrey Bogart will of course want to see this. Right after this Bogey appeared in The Petrified Forest on Broadway and came to Hollywood to do the film version. The rest is history, but if Bogey hadn't scored such a hit in The Petrified Forest, Midnight might well have been his screen epitaph.

What a horrible thought.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 8 / 10

Appropriate lengths of siilence makes the tension here boil over like an exploding volcano.

Quietly suspenseful and thoughtful, this well staged film noir is interesting because it shows how a stagy script can become a great film simply by mood. O.P. Heggie gives a gripping, thoughtful performance as a jury foreman who instigates the first-degree murder verdict of a young woman (Helen Flint) who killed her husband, and faces personal trauma when her execution occurs on the same day that his daughter (Sidney Fox) murders her philandering lover, Humphrey Bogart. What is a loving, honest father to do? His family encourages him to make up a story to protect his daughter, but suffering from guilt over the woman that he led to her death through similar circumstances, Heggie must decide whether to save his daughter's life or follow the law that he protected while in court.

This is the type of stage play that still forces its audience to remain perfectly still while the actors all are enacting out a chair grabbing, nail biting situation that has an emotional effect on all who witnesses at. It is a story that has crossed the generations, of Innocence destroyed, of parents destroyed and of the courts in turmoil in trying to find justice. Certainly, Flint's situation is a bit different than foxes, with Flint obviously an abused wife while Fox was simply just a just missed lover.

The young Bogart doesn't have many scenes, but it is pretty obvious when he encounters fox in court in the opening scene that he is morally bankrupt. Heggie shows how a great performance can come simply out of one's soul, and when he raises his voice, it is for the rare moment where he has reached his emotional limit. While his change of heart at the end does not bring back the deceased Flint, it is obvious that he will view similar cases in a different way now that it has touched him personally. I didn't quite agree with the conclusion, but that is in the heart of the viewer to make their own ethical judgement.

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