Midway to Heaven


Comedy / Family / Romance

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Kirby Heyborne as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

You have to get out and live

Curt Doussett lives in the town of Midway which is a real place in Utah and we see much location shooting to prove that. Looks like one very nice and homogenous Mormon community only Doussett is having trouble moving on after the death of his wife from cancer several years ago.

Now daughter Mary Peltier has brought home a fellow Kirby Heybourne who is studying medicine and is in all respects quite the ideal son-in-law. But Doussett keeps trying to find fault. The truth is he doesn't want to lose his remaining family.

Like in the Canadian series Due South where Mountie character Paul Gross talks to his dead father, Doussett imagines himself in communication with his wife Melanie Nelson. Who advises him to move on, get out and live.

This is a nice gentle G rated film which has some good life lessons to impart. It's not overtly a product of the Mormon church so it can be shown and enjoyed by a wider audience.

Reviewed by ksf-2 5 / 10

gets too weird and religious

Roku has this as Midway to Heaven, but the title shown at the start is "Heaven is Waiting". After Ned (Curt Doussett) loses his wife, his daughter Liz wants to get him back into the dating scene. She even signs him up for a dating site. Without his knowledge. More weirdness here is that the dead ex-wife keeps showing up and having conversations with Ned. A little creepy. When Liz brings home a needy "friend", Ned does NOT approve. And gives the guy a hard time. And then the god references start. A whole lot of religious conversations, and being good, and pure, and improving one's self. Ned is a jackass, in almost every scene of this film. He feels sorry for himself, and is rude to everyone he meets. Pretty heavy stuff. I'm done. Directed by Michael Flynn. One of three films that he has directed, to date. Has acted in TONS of things. Based on a novel by Dean Hughes.

Reviewed by inkblot11 8 / 10

Funny and sweet, a great choice for all family members, anytime

Ned (Curt Doussett) is a widower who is having a hard time letting go. He still holds imaginary conversations with his deceased wife, Kate (Melanie Nelson). Having a lovely daughter, Liz (Brittany Peltier) in college, Ned focuses on her and maintaining his nice home in Midway, a mountainous abode. Women are not on his mind, even though he often sees a beautiful lady, Carol (Michelle Money) when he is out jogging. But, things are about to change! Liz suddenly announces that she is bringing a friend home for a weekend and, unknown to Ned, its a guy! He's David (Kirby Heybourne) and Ned's nose gets out of joint almost immediately. Despite the fact that David is a very nice, intelligent, and respectful man, Ned gives him an inquisition almost every minute that passes. What is truly going on? Well, its clear that Liz is finding romance and moving past her mother's death while Ned is still treading water. Is it time for him to release his pain and start again? This is a lovely film, made with a subtle Christian theme. It is also very funny, with dialogue that will make most everyone laugh out loud. Watching Ned decide what to wear on his first date in ages is so comic! The cast is wonderful and very attractive, with Doussett a great leading man. Hopefully, we older gals will see more of him. Also, the setting is gorgeous, making one want to spend some vacation time in the same spot. Finally, the direction keeps the action going and delivers big laughs and sensitive moments. If you love romance but desire a movie that has good values, also, you should not WAIT a minute more. Get Heaven is Waiting very soon.

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