Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ranch700 10 / 10

Good Fun!

Mike Case in: The Big Kiss off. Good, fun stuff! If you like good old fashioned Humphrey Bogart type Private Detective movies, you should definitely watch this. And even if that's not your thing, no problem because it's still worth watching! What this movie does is brings something fresh to that sub genre. This movie has a really great comedic aspect to it. Lots of wit. It has a fun storyline. "The Big Kiss Off" is the type of movie that is extremely engaging right from the get go which is important for this style. And one of the great things about this is that they clearly embraced their independent film making freedom! Something not enough independent film makers do today. This is the kind of movie that really does deserve some attention. It is available on Amazon Prime for anyone who is subscribed to that platform. Give it a chance and see what you think.

Reviewed by rob-burrows1-325-819120 10 / 10

Great Film Noir & Great Indie: One to watch!

Being a bit of a fan of the film noir genre with a comedy twist I was intrigued to come across this movie. OK, it has received what one may say could be more than it's fair share of awards, but does that really mean it is any good? I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one was a real gem with the all the stylishness, sexual connotation and cynical expression that the genre requires. Yes the acting was good and the quality otherwise was good, however, this went that bit further. It was really funny and engaged me from the outset. It was one of those films that makes the clock go unnaturally fast (not that I was checking it mind). One aspect that impressed me was that this was a brave creation and a challenge to the 'lets pander to the current trend' big studio type of output. It epitomised what independent film is about: Originality, creativity and risk-taking. I think it has found a nice and I hope that it gets the exposure that it so rightly deserves.

Reviewed by deborah-atkins656 10 / 10

Most entertaining and refreshing.

You can look around for a long time before finding something of a film noir gem like this. If you like your entertainment hot and sharp with a great deal of style then this is where to go. One thing that has struck me is that this is a genre that has received little attention form the big studios over recent years. You can image how pleased I was to find an independent producer like this getting in on the action and delivering this result. This was a refreshing movie with a budget behind it certainly but that has not been spoiled. It retains the creativity and edge of good indie cinema having not lost the unique quality that this can, but does not always bring to the screen. I'm looking forward to a sequel to this.

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