Million Dollar Baby


Action / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 8.1 10 615378

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Mike Colter as Big Willie Little
Clint Eastwood as Frankie Dunn
Anthony Mackie as Shawrelle Berry
Morgan Freeman as Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris
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2 hr 12 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ezlidblue-1 10 / 10

Swank gives the performance of a lifetime!

I didn't view this film until today because I simply wasn't interested in women in boxing; however, I wish I'd seen it years ago! Hillary Swank can never make another film and this one would be her crowning glory. It takes you on a wild ride of emotions from the beginning and Clint Eastwood's curmudgeon self is part of it all. Naturally, the "voice of God" in Morgan Freeman is there to explain it all and give some meaning to what each of the characters fell. By now, everyone knows the ending but I still won't spoil it for late-comers to the film like myself. I do believe much has been made about it and it's unnecessary. Yes, you will be torn about what is morally right but you can certainly understand how Eastwood's and Swank's characters feel! Please see this film. You will understand pugilism more than ever before and you just might see some of your own self in the film! It is well worth the time!

Reviewed by john_siv 6 / 10

Questionable morality mars otherwise excellent pugilist tale.

Good boxing movie with some tremendous performances, but the moral message of this film was appalling. By the end of the picture euthanasia was essentially glorified and that is absolutely not okay in any movie. The production code back in the golden age of cinema was there for a reason; to make sure the right sort of stories were told and the right sort of messages sent. I can't say I find a 'mercy killing' particularly moving or heartbreaking - I find it a deplorable indictment of the morality of the world that such an ending can be gushed over.

The scene where Maggie asked Frankie to put her out of her misery was moving and well done, couldn't the picture have just ended there? Seeing him actually do it was crass, unnecessary and left a bad taste in the mouth.

Reviewed by Matthew Cowell 10 / 10

My favourite movie of all time

I've rewatched Million Dollar Baby almost every year since it's release (about 10 times). I won't know why, but i just keep coming back. This movie sends out a big message to me which is 'pursue what you love in life to the best you can'.

The movie makes my cry from the sheer power in Maggie's character. Sure she's strong physically, but her willpower and passion is where she is a knockout. Hillary Swank outshines any performance i've ever seen in acting in this movie and every scene involving her is powerful. I remember (after seeing this movie) watching most movies she's acted in and seeing her supreme acting skills shine through in all roles. Clint Eastwood is also top notch as Frankie, and the bond that develops between fighter and trainer is so well done and tasteful.

Sure there are some extreme moments a little overdone at times like the absurd sheer ignorance of her family or the rediculous fighter she ends up competing with for the title. However, these extreme moments only make it more emotional and make you feel more strongly with the two main characters who are just trying to do a little good in the world.

I come out of the movie with Maggie and Frankie feeling as role models and people to look up to in rough times. Make the most of your life whilst you have it. Prove to yourself you've got what it takes in whatever you do!

This movie is almost in my heart as a true great!

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