Miss Annie Rooney


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Gloria Holden as Esther White
Shirley Temple as Annie Rooney
June Lockhart as Stella Bainbridge
Noel Neill as Marty's Party Guest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

Awfully bad.

In the 1930s, Shirley Temple was BIG--I am talking HUGE. When it came to popularity, this kid managed to be the top box office draw four years in a row! However, by 1940, things had changed radically. Shirley was no longer a cute child but a budding adolescent and she left her familiar haunts at Twentieth Century-Fox. MGM and a few other studios tried her out in films--mostly to a mediocre reception from the crowds and reviewers. The bottom line is that the studios just didn't know what to do with her--and her talents just didn't fit most of the script she was given. There were some exceptions, such as her supporting performances in "Since You Went Away" and "Fort Apache", but most of the rest of her films were very, very forgettable. She deserved better.

Among the worst of these post-Fox films I've seen is "Miss Annie Rooney". Most of this is because the dialog is simply godawful and the writers, I think, were chimps. All the pubescent characters were one-dimensional and uttered the same annoying catch phrases again and again. Shirley always talked like her dialog was written by a BAD romance novelist--and she must have said 'divine' about 193 times. Dickie Moore was worse and seemed VERY ill-at-ease as a rich boy--who said 'old man' in practically every other sentence.

The bottom line is that the writing was so bad, it made me cringe and getting through this film was a HUGE chore. I rarely, if ever, enjoyed the thing and have nothing particularly good to say about it. If you are a masochist, try watching it streaming on Netflix. Why? Because their print is colorized and most of it looked really, really pink! An ugly film AND annoying one at that.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Rooney Family Values

Shirley Temple was now a teenager and she may have left 20th Century Fox, but even as a young teen she was busy raising the adults in her life. In Miss Annie Rooney the adults are grandfather Guy Kibbee complete with the brogue of an Irish cop which he was in the film and father William Gargan who has big dreams of hitting it big not unlike Frank Sinatra's character in A Hole In The Head.

A chance encounter with rich young teen Dickie Moore and invite to his birthday party has Temple mixing with society. But Gargan sees it as an opportunity to pitch his latest cause, synthetic rubber. The results are a social disaster.

Just like she did when she was a toddler on up Shirley sticks by her dad or father figure as the picture would have it. The ending was way too much to swallow though. I prefer the far more realistic ending of the Frank Sinatra film.

Still Shirley Temple fans will approve.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

stiff teen rom

Annie Rooney (Shirley Temple) is a 14-year-old romantic and Myrtle is her best friend. Her salesman dad's newest get rich scheme is a new form of synthetic rubber. They live check to check on her grandpa's pension. Joey is a boy and a friend. He's driving Annie when they run into 16-year-old Marty White. Annie has love at first sight for Marty who comes from a wealthy rubber family fortune.

Shirley Temple is trying to be more than a child star. She's still plenty cute but she comes off as a try-hard. Worst still, Marty is terribly stiff and her love for him does not shine a good light on her. Joey isn't much either but at least, he has a little bit of charisma. It would be a much better move to have the best friend show his worth for her love. All the characters are mostly two dimensional and the tire story is tired. This is not a movie with depth. This is notable for Shirley's first on-screen kiss which is no more than a peck on the cheek and quite awkward at that. The big question is whether Shirley ever had a chance at prolonging her career. She could have been a Nancy Drew type but she isn't really a romantic type. She tries hard and that's the character type that she should concentrate on.

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