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fbi detective story sequel teenage girl los angeles, california missing person

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March 07, 2023 at 08:59 AM

Top cast

Storm Reid as June
Nia Long as Grace
Jasmin Savoy Brown as June Actress
Amy Landecker as Heather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by demonblade-37792 8 / 10

Are you there?

Missing is great with its acting, story, and premise. The story has to do a young girl named June (Storm Reid) on the search for her missing mother after her mom and her boyfriend went on a trip to Columbia. Police, FBI, and investigators are all over the case and search that it all goes heavily viral that it can go into the wrong hands of someone else.

Overall, I loved it that it was from the same creators who made Searching (2018). If you have not watched that film I would recommend you do because both of these films go under the category of found internet footage. Searching (2018) and Missing (2023) both delivers for its build-up, suspense, and the final twist that all makes sense in the end. Once the twist happened, I literally had my jaw dropped and was shocked. The packed theater that I was inside could not believe it as well. I would definitely recommend to watch Missing in theaters because I am going again to watch it for a second viewing.

Reviewed by benjaminskylerhill 7 / 10

Surprisingly (mostly) gripping

Found footage films (especially computer-screen ones like this) always struggle with maintaining plausible reasons for the first-person cameras to keep rolling.

Even though Missing definitely fails at this and the film takes place in a world where people's FaceTime apps always stay open on their computers just so we can see what's going on, I was shocked at how often I found myself gripped by the mystery that the story presented.

The film is ridiculously well-edited. Every frame stays on screen or stays zoomed in just long enough, and the editors came up with some really visually stunning, creative transitions between scenes that make use of the distinct desktop-screen format.

This editing certainly helps with pacing, and this story is also paced astonishingly well. It never drags. And it never reveals too much or too little information at once. It's a very intriguing little mystery crime story that kept me on my toes until the final few minutes.

Retrospectively, now knowing the entire story, the key villains' motivations are a nitpicker's nightmare, and their plan strains believability if I think about it for too long.

I don't think this is as polished or as memorable as some other mystery thrillers (even others in this niche subgenre), but it was a really good time at the movies for me.

Reviewed by billsoccer 8 / 10

VERY good!

This is in the same vein as "Searching", a first person mystery/thriller, where almost every scene is of a person sitting at a computer or looking at a phone. If this alarms you, don't let it. It is very well put together, enough notes are put on the "screen" so even the very computer illiterate should be able to follow.

The story is a young girl, who loses her beloved father, and is raised by her now single mother without any other family. The mother disappears while on vacation and the daughter uses her computer skills to find clues. There are many twists and turns which will keep your interest. Not sure if all of the computer navigation is terribly realistic, but it's easy to suspend your disbelief, and I advise you to.

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