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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10

A Surprising Good Movie, With Familiar Drama and Mystery

Minor Spoiler

Atticus Cody (James Coburn) is a widow father living in a ranch like a cowboy. In Christmas, his son Scott Cody (Paul Kersey), who lives in Mexico, pays him a visit and they spend the Christmas night together with the family of his other son. Then, through flashbacks, we become aware that Scott killed his mother in a car accident and neither Atticus nor Scott has overcome the loss of their beloved wife and mother. There is a trauma in the breast of their family. Scott returns to Mexico and a few days later Atticus is informed that Scott committed suicide. Atticus moves to Mexico and there he meets Renata (Lisa Zane), the former girlfriend of Scott. He realizes that a mystery evolves the death of Scott. With a very tight screenplay, this movie is indeed a good film. It becomes slow, in a familiar drama, and ends in a very credible mystery. The screenplay is excellent, there is a good direction and the cast is sharp. But the entire plot is actually supported by the great performance of James Coburn. I believe the viewer will not be disappointed with this slow, but very easy-to-believe story. My vote is seven.

Reviewed by Melissa Alice 7 / 10

Interesting & mysterious

It's a good movie that's not just a mystery, but a story of forgiveness, honesty, and family. The actors/actresses give the right touch of mystery and emotion. Sometimes it seems a little wandering or slow, but it kept my attention throughout because there's something about the places and people that makes you reflect.

Reviewed by lspeth 6 / 10

A complex mystery, somewhat slow moving.

This movie contains a strong performance by James Coburn, who is in virtually every frame. He is well-supported in a story that moves from a ranch somewhere in the American West to a resort community in Mexico. The mystery is complex, and does move fairly glacially at times. Two cavils: I found it hard to believe that Coburn's character would put up so passively with Lisa Zane's personal snipings, and I was puzzled by several references to legal hanging in contemporary Mexico. Mexico got rid of slavery before we Americanos did, and it has preceded us in dropping the death penalty. But on the whole an interesting and sometimes moving treatment of family and loss themes.

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