Mistletoe and Molly



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 3 / 10

Poor storytelling leads to zzz

Painfully bland and boring. Bland dialogue. Inane story which seemed like it was written by a kid. When it's not stupid, it's boring.

Acting was fair to bad. Steffi DiDomenicantonio has a nice singing voice but her acting is poor. The actor who plays Mike Ward has poor delivery.

I wish I could say that the developing relationship between Molly and Aiden was interesting. There wasn't really any chemistry between Eden Broda and Zach Smadu. No personal connection and Broda often seems stunned when she's with him. It almost seems like Molly frowns more at Aiden than smiles at him.

Molly's relationship with her father and it's effect on her career path could have possibilities. But it's just plumped down into the story without developing the context which is part of good storytelling. Later in the movie we get to see it displayed some, but it seemed poorly placed and still little context. How did Molly and her Dad reach this point? It had something to do with her mom passing, but then what? Dad's shadow is important in the plot but its development is clumsy.

Molly's total obsession with stray animals also has possibilities, but it's just stated at the beginning and then dropped for the rest of the movie with almost no signs of it. Again no contextual development of it. Why is she supposedly so obsessed?

Pet peeve: phone texts that are almost impossible for the viewer to see except for the most eagle eyed. In this movie they were even smaller than most.

Reviewed by FridayGal 5 / 10

No help, please!

I really wanted to like this movie but it was only so-so for me. The character of Molly seemed very immature. How old is she? 21? 24? We're told she's successfully completed college (in spite of her hovering father), and she's currently working at a neighborhood deli where the hero orders the same sandwich for lunch every day. Molly has applied for an entry-level position at PR firm in spite of being over qualified. Where'd all her experience come from? Working at her father's knee? Her insistence upon making her own way, not being helped by anyone became very "one note," repetitive. What's the hero to do but the very thing that upsets her? No thanks.

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