MK Ultra



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Top cast

Anson Mount as Ford Strauss
Jaime Ray Newman as Rose Strauss
Jason Patric as Galvin Morgan
Alon Aboutboul as Townsend
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudews 6 / 10

1 man in Mk Ultra

Overall, the the movie is well done, no arguement there.. But are we talking about MK Ultra? No! We're talking about the story of one man barely involved. We're so far from the real story of MK Utra. And sincerely, I'm not sure where the movie wanted to go.

In my humbie view, the movie is slow, as you would expect, I guess, from a "real" story inspired movie. I would consider that movie as a "dark" movie, not that I would expect otherwise. Really I not sure how to critic. I did get much out of it. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know.

Let's just say we're far from a movie like "Enigma", In my humble view.

Reviewed by oscosc-78586 7 / 10

Grubby, depressing but worth watching

MK Ultra was a top secret US government program to test mind control techniques on people.

The words secret and test are the key there.

Lots of the MK Ultra program was voluntary (still kind of appalling), but this film focuses on something that always happens when you make things secret and throw money at it. You get abuses by the type of person attracted to acting out their worst fantasies.

Without giving away spoilers, the Dr Strauss (Anson Mount) is genuine in his desire to research whether LSD can help those with mental illness, addictions etc. He struggles to get funding. A benefactor shows up and Strauss slowly begins to realise his mistake.

Thankfully the film relies on showing not telling. It lets you try to work out what's happening. The result is an intense, grubby and depressing look at the darker parts of the MK Ultra story.

One criticism is that the beginning has a scene linking the program to race. The rest of the film is obvious that it wasn't about race. No-one was spared - MK Ultra even preyed on their own CIA agents. The scene was a cheap addition and the film is better than that. Also, the film kind of skips over the role Doctors played in the outright abuses of MK Ultra. The doctor here tries to correct his mistake. The real ones were quite happy to benefit.

Just like many of the worst excesses in human history, doctors (who should know better) involved themselves in the MK Ultra abuses in full knowledge of what was being done.

Should you watch it? Yes. While you're at it... look up the facts of MK Ultra. It's not a conspiracy theory. Lots of conspiracy nonsense was built around it, but the program itself and the abuses that went along with it were very real.

Reviewed by jgjobs-99594 4 / 10

Utter Lack of Post Production

I like the lead actor that plays the doctor; this was a gimmick and I feel for it.

This is not just low budget. You can do a lot with a short changed budget. Even in the opening; there should not have just been a 1:1 old video playing. There were no effects used; not even a ken burns effect or something. The CIA guy has huge nose hairs coming up from pretending to snort cocaine. This is super obvious against a light colored background. NOBODY looked at this film after it was put in the can. The lighting is terrible in every indoor scene and the shadows are not managed at all.

FIFTEEN MINUTES IN... I had to hit the ejector button. I am not going to waste my time watching a movie that was not worth a second look to the people that made the dang thing.

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