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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hallamdrury-88-738756 6 / 10

Somehow makes trauma feel like vanity

As a big Moby fan back in the day I was really excited to see it. But what a bizarre documentary. Very contrived interview set up with fake conversations with fake psychiatrists and with people on the phone. Stylistically it jumps around and is very inconsistent. The story leaps around and doesn't link together and huge periods of his life are just left out. There's very odd b-roll choices and over-use of space and rockets. The humour feels awkward and makes the deeper stuff seem like it wasn't to be taken serious.

But the most disappointing thing was how insincere it comes across. For a story with so much trauma, sadness, suicide etc it comes across more as vanity than vulnerability. I appreciate bold creative choices, but boy did they make the wrong ones here. It just completely undermined the themes of the film. It's a mess that makes Moby less relatable. This is exactly how NOT to make a documentary about this subject matter.

Reviewed by danielcereto 6 / 10

Mixed feelings

I was a teen that grew up in the 90's with some big Moby's hits. I really enjoyed the documentary part from 80's to late 90's where Moby was on the top od his career. Great to know he was on a depression at that time. Good to make public mental health problems.

On the other hand, the last part of the documentary was boring and get out from the main point.

So, overall mixed feelings.

Reviewed by mike-46628 2 / 10

The documentary is consistent with it's star.

The documentary is at least consistent with it's star. They are both self indulgent and overrated.

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