Mohamed Dubois

2013 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christophe92300 4 / 10

Barely funny

Eric Judor demonstrates once again in Mohammed Dubois all his comical potential and if it wasn't for him, his acting and his funny mimics, the movie would have been a complete flop. Because even if there are a few good situations, they hardly compensate for a script that lacks consistency, homogeneity, and that relies on huge, blatant, overused and very crippling stereotypes. The movie struggles to maintain the viewer's attention, especially during the last half hour where the plot flounders and ends up abruptly and disappointingly. The direction and editing, with a lot of continuity errors, doesn't help either this soon forgotten comedy.

Reviewed by paulouscan 6 / 10

Better allo-cine translation

Berthier's Bank heir, Arnaud Dubois looks more like someone who should be called... Mohamed. Besides, would he not rather be the son of Said, his mother's former tennis coach in Djerba? After a dispute with his father, he decides to leave the cozy nest of Vésinet. He crosses paths with Mustafa, who introduces him to his sister Sabrina Arnaud whom Arbaud immediately falls in love with. But he soon realizes that the only way to seduce her is to let her think that he is a Beur like her and that his name is ... Mohamed. He then settles in the Sabrina's town, where he will do anything to fit.

This is a very sympathetic and social and above all entertaining comedy. It is far from recurrent clichés, despite some critics; It delivers a realistic, just and positive picture of French suburbs. Moreover, Eric Judor is magnificent as usual. Just run for it!

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