Moloch Tropical

2009 [CREE]


IMDb Rating 7.1 10 158

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FitAsianPear 10 / 10

A highly recommended film...

Moloch Tropical is a dynamic, powerful, opulent, well choreographed and formulated film. Once again, Mr. Raoul Peck has clearly demonstrated his remarkable and unprecedented talents. Moloch Tropical continues to be the highly anticipated film by movie critics worldwide. Moloch Tropical first premiered at the opening of the TIFF, and currently has quickly risen to the top twenty four most highly anticipated films list at the DIFF. Mr. Peck continues to validate his genius edge by consistently producing liberal films that captivates the attention span of audiences worldwide by utilizing unique and creative approaches, while simplifying the complexity of social economical political regimes. Mr. Peck is well-known for freely expressing his passion for films by placing emphasis on creativity, vivid cinematography, and commemorative story plots. Moloch Tropical is a remarkable and influential film that depicts nepotism and turmoil during political incumbencies. Practical, enlightening, and fascinating are the very least words to describe such a magnificent, fictional film that is highly and strongly recommended to film connoisseurs for viewing and purchasing. Another great film achievement indeed; directed, written, and produced by the renowned film prodigy, Mr. Raoul Peck.

Reviewed by Tarsitius 9 / 10

One of the best 'political' films

If politics means autocracy and absence of democracy and justice.

The tension and axiousness of the spectator raises constantly from the beginning. Almost like an antique drama about the twilight of the god(s).

Many parallel, intertwined stories which do, however, not make it hard to understand the whole.

Remarkable the music, for a political film playing in the poor tropics: the brass band trying to intonate the national anthems for the fest. The American entertainer brought in, having to get risen on the last steps to the fort by mules, the main road being blocked. The children's choir singing a heart breaking song about the life and fate of Haiti. The recorder playing in the prominent refugee's car playing 'Nazi music' according to the wife.

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