Mondo Weirdo

1990 [GERMAN]

Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 160

Keywords:   erotic movie

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 3 / 10


Dedicated to Jess Franco and Jean-Luc Goddard - man, talk about the literal furthest points apart - Austrian director Carl Andersen not only references the director, but uses an actress named Jessica Franco Manera who either was his daughter - which I think is complete kayfabe BS, as the only daughter I've seen listed for Franco is Caroline Reviere, his step-daughter from his marriage to Nicole Guettard.

That said, this movie feels like it could be one of his children if he shot on black and white and had watched Begotten a few times while smoking jazz cigarettes. Manera plays Odile, who likes a character from a Franco movie has a sexual encounter with two showgirls and then loses all touch with reality, eventually finding her way to Elizabeth Bathory.

Andersen also made Vampiros Sexos, in case you wanted to know how much he loved Franco. And much like some of the darker trips Jess took, this movie seems determined to shock, so if anything offends you, perhaps you should consider this unwatchable. I mean it - there's envelope pushing and then there's setting the envelope on fire and shoving it up someone rectum (which I'm shocked did not happen in this movie).

The Cinema of Transgression doesn't care if a movie about female vampires and menstruation and people urinating on the dead upset you, you know?

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 6 / 10

Trip to Paranoia Paradise.

"Mondo Weirdo:Trip to Paranoia Paradise" by Carl Andersen is one hell of an experimental and bizarre underground flick.It runs only 55 minutes and features Jessica Franco Manera as 15 year old punk girl Odile who after first menstruation begins to have hallucinations involving Elizabeth Bathory,bloody vampirism and hard core sex.There is quite nasty castration scene near the end of "Mondo Weirdo" and plenty of blood drinking.The film is shot entirely in black-and-white and the music score by industrial band Modell D'oo is worth checking out.The acting is amateurish and the film looks extremely cheap,but it works as a nasty and vulgar piece of exploitation weirdness.There is even hard core gay sex scene for anyone interested.

Reviewed by horizon2008 1 / 10

Mondo Crapo

At times like these you appreciate the great little fast- forward button on your remote. It got a lot of use watching this pile of horse poo.

Mondo Weirdo (they probably thought putting "mondo" in the title gave the film some shock value) is a black and white film about some woman having a period in her shower and having visions of bloody sexual shenanigans as a result. Nope, it made no sense to me either, and it looked like they filmed it all on a camera phone made ten years ago. Most of the characters are pretty ugly, and are styled as if they've timewarped from the 1960s. There's also some really dreadful music attached which is like the worst 1980s indie band you've ever heard.

The film has few redeeming qualities, it does contain a few hardcore porn scenes however if that's anything to rock your boat, but even these are pretty rubbish. I really don't know what the point of it all was but probably some students thought it was quite radical, and stuff. Anyway, someone's penis gets lopped off at the end, that was likely the best part (well someones best part) but really you should avoid this tripe at all costs. I've had more shocks looking at the balance in my bank account.

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