Money Heist: The Phenomenon

2020 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 7.5 10 2301

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by umarali30 9 / 10

From Earth to Sky

As money heist fan it was inevitable to watch this documentary and not only I'm amazed by the story but also got to know about the characters and their personalities. Basically it tells you about the show and how it was a failed TV series and after 3 season the show was over and everyone went back to their normal lives. Also, you'll be able to see behind the scenes footage of filming some famous scenes of the show. When Netflix bought this show they didn't know that it will become a 'phenomenon' and they just added in to their list without any advertisment because it was k flop show in Spain. Then suddenly it became popular and hundreds of thousands of people started to watch the series and hence it became most watched Spanish TV series outside the Spain. According to characters such as Professor, Berlin, Denver, lisbon and so on, they had a few thousand followers on social media and suddenly they were getting hundreds of thousands followers per hour. Jamie lorente Lopez aka Denver has now approximately 12 million followers on Instagram. With the success their lives were changed. Similarly very interesting stories from the professor, Berlin and others about interaction with the fans and how they're so grateful for the success they got suddenly. Making of different famous scenes is also very cool. Also, you'll see about the impact of this series around the world whether it is a protest or any celebration. How it has become a symbol of resistance.

Reviewed by pweston-64845 10 / 10

An Inside Look at a World Wide Phenomenon

No, the series does not have Emmy award winning actors. However there is a big "YES!" for this documentary showing us when these unknown actors became totally immersed in their either redeeming, or unredeeming, characters, big commitment, and big change happened. Which, in an equally big turn, brought them from total obscurity, to world wide - and unexpected - recognition.

I fell in love with this addicting series because even the worst situation, or character, was not all bad. It was the slow unravelling to the dark, or even light side, that made my attraction to the series even more compelling. The writers made the situations unique, and the characters 'flawfully' human. Which made it all the more identifiable, as it is colorfullly explained by all, in the documentary.

This series, and even this documentary, gave me a new appreciation for problem handling, and how to spend "quality time", with not so quality people, and unsavory politics...

There are real movements, against all kinds of oppression, that the lives of these fictional characters have influenced. We learn, in the documentary, that not only the cast, crew, and actors, but people from everywhere have, and are being changed, because of the imaginative, and heartfelt writing and directing (and let's not forget producing) from this emotionally charged series.

This documentary will show you how it all started, and the even more addictive "behind the scenes" looks that will help lock you into to each character, and storyline, even more.

Thanks to all of the the writers, producers, and actors (on Netflix, and everywhere) who continually keep righting wrongs, and publishing writes, that help keep us emotionally involved - and motivated - while "self isolating" in this boring interlude, of what is supposed to be our "active lives" .

Reviewed by VishaalMishra 9 / 10

Amazing. Simply phenomenal series.

This is one of the best TV series I have ever seen. not a single moment that you'd take your eyes on Television. So Glued! So Cool!. One of the greatest TV show. Filled with curiosity.Every moment is realistic.

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