Money No Enough

1998 [CHINESE]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 205

money debt financial crisis financial problem

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dy158 8 / 10

A sort-of reality check on our society. Singapore, that is.

It's still considered as one of the best runaway success from local director Jack Neo because comparing to his later works, it's still among the tops in terms of local box office earnings for local mainstream films.

Maybe not all can understand the rationale behind the making of this comedy given some of the slangs used are not known to the outside world, especially with the westerners. But at times really, I don't know at times what those American TV shows are all about from what our local TV are showing. Fair and square. It doesn't mean the entire world can understand your own personal slang and kind of language because everyone is brought up differently.

And so I can understand if there's anyone outside of Singapore who does not really understand much of the plot, it's kind of forgivable. Though maybe the born and bred Singaporean in me will be shaking her head that the outside world do not get it. It's a personal thing.

Singaporeans' sort-of 'obsession' with not enough money in our pockets is shown through an office worker, a contractor, and a coffee-shop helper. Singaporean style of humour aside, but when reality sets in, who likes it anyway? I remembered I had a good time watching it when it was at the cinemas then. But then maybe at times watching some of those so-Singaporean parodies being played out at screen is a little weird and at times, funny. Kudos to director Jack Neo for doing all that.

Reviewed by kirsten tan 1 / 10


This show is definitely one of the worst around by far. There is no plot, no storyline, no character development and no nothing except bad and crass humour. I felt bored by the film and felt like sleeping throughout. I'm amazed at how it did so well in the singapore box office compared to other much better singaporean shows like eating air, the road less travelled etc. The show is a degradation of all singaporeans and portray us as money-minded bigots with a crude sense of humour. I left the theatre with a huge feeling of repugnance and indignance. Even the sound recording and filmography was bad. Jack Neo should stay out of the burgeoning Singapore film industry lest he tarnishes it even more with his crude direction and monopolist attitude. Watch this if you're feeling really masochistic.

This is literally the worst show ever.

Reviewed by azuresea 4 / 10

It's not too bad

Although I really cringed a lot watching this film, it really has to do more with the venacular, the mixture of badly expressed Chinese, mangled English and hokkien swear words. However, I would have to applaud the director for actually being about to touch the homeground of the locals about the materialism of our society. To be honest, while not everybody speaks like this, but to criticise the show based on the language would be like trying to crit American directors for choosing to portray ghetto societies and their language. Not really relevant. This money was the first local movie in recent history to hit the box office with runaway success. Although I admit most of the humour is lost with foreigners, this movie really stands out because of the milestone it has made in singapore film history being the first recent film to attract locals away from big budget Hollywood movies.

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