Monster Force Zero


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 75

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by champagneshuganova 10 / 10

Campy fun! Dancing furies!

How many movies have you seen with a fully choreographed furry dance routine??? Super fun film! Time to destroy destruction!

Reviewed by strangerathome 9 / 10

Great Sci-Fi Retro fun

This movie was a lot of fun. Not a huge budget, but the creators of Monster Force Zero have a love for film, and the genre. It feels like an ensemble comic-book sci-fi film from 1986, from the colorful effects and camera angles, to the synth score that accompanies it. Some of the acting is questionable, and the plot is a bit silly, but the story keeps moving and the unexpected characters keep it fresh and fun. Recommended for fans of the genre, and fans of cosplay and convention stories.

Reviewed by luke-946-133228 8 / 10

So bad its good

I almost bailed in the first 20 minutes but something about it made me stick it out, by 30 minutes i was addicted. Through creative use of lighting, minimal special effects and some dedicated cosplayers they have made a really fun to watch B-movie.

Hey lizard, this b*tch wants pancakes!!

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