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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

While I knew what the movie was trying to do, it just didn't work for me...

It wasn't as if I was deliberately trying to hate the movie, far from it, and I never try to do that watching any movie as I believe in being fair and encouraging when watching and critiquing. Any movie that aims to be a homage or poking fun at anything does promise to be good entertainment, and actually despite having Carmen Electra Monster Island did seem as though it would be one of those movies. Even when taking it for what it is though, the bad execution just took away from my enjoyment of the movie. It does have redeeming qualities of course, the production design is decent, the music score rousing, Adam West is a lot of fun even if hammy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is very endearing here. However, I didn't like the look of the special effects at all, the monsters(looking at home in the 50s era but seem laughable now) seemed half-finished and fake, and actually I do agree with the commentator that wasn't sure about whether they were trying to honour or poke fun at those of Harryhausen(which I have always found amazing for their time and ones that still hold up). Some will like the tongue-in-cheek humour, for me the dialogue was lacking in wit and in freshness too and came across as awkward instead, the stupidest line going to West as outlined in a previous review. The story seemed stretched and contrived, with the horror elements ranging from tame to non-descript, while the characters are cardboard and irritating. Aside from West and Winstead, the rest of the acting is bland. That is especially the case with Carmen Electra, contrary to what was implied in the marketing she is only in the film 15-20 minutes and she doesn't do anything other than try and look pretty. Just in case I get flamed(and knowing the type of movie Monster Island is I know eventually I will do), I understand totally what Monster Island was trying to do, I just felt that it tried so hard that everything to make a homage/parody work just got lost. That is of course my opinion, and if you think differently(and I can completely understand if that's the case) that's fine, I have nothing against you. In conclusion, even when taking into account what Monster Island was trying to do I didn't care for it at the end of the day, sorry. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Good, silly retro 50's giant monster horror fun

Carmen Electra holds a concert on a remote tropical island that's located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Carmen gets abducted by a giant monster insect. A motley group of kids bravely venture into the dangerous jungle to rescue Carmen. A camera crew tags along to film their adventure for a reality TV show. Director Jack Perez, who also co-wrote the cheerfully absurd'n'inane tongue-in-cheek cornball script with Adam Glass, maintains a constant steady pace and deftly creates an infectiously goofy mock-serious tone that pays affectionate homage to lovably ludicrous cheap'n'cheesy 50's sci-fi/horror creature features. The appealingly sincere acting from an eager and attractive cast rates as a major plus, with especially winning turns by Daniel Letterle as the sullen Josh, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as gutsy brunette hottie Maddy, Casey Beddow as the nerdy Andy, Chelan Simmons as feisty blonde babe Jen, C. Ernst Harth as bullish bodyguard Eightball, and Chris Harrison as hatefully cowardly wannabe macho jerk Chase. Adam West hams it up with tremendous lip-smacking relish as wacky mad scientist Dr. Harryhausen and Carmen portrays her own splendidly sweet'n'sexy self with charm to spare. Backstreet Boy Nick Carter pops up at the very end so he can save the day in the nick of time. David Bowes' funky herky-jerky stop-motion animation and the obvious tacky miniatures are both hilariously hokey. Todd Elyzen's polished cinematography makes artful use of fades and dissolves. Michael Richard Plowman's rousing score likewise hits the spot. Best of all, there's a sense of pure good-natured silly fun evident throughout that's both endearing and entertaining in equal measure. A delightfully dippy hoot.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10

Stop-motion monsters and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I kinda expect someone like Carmen Electra to appear in a made for MTV piece of nonsense like Monster Island, but I was surprised to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead's name in the credits - it just goes to show that we all have to start somewhere. The presence of the lovely Miss Winstead was the impetus I needed to watch this movie, but to be fair, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the whole thing, regardless of Mary and her marvellous midriff.

The film is set on the eponymous island, located in the Bermuda Triangle, where MTV competition winner Josh (Daniel Letterle) and his classmates arrive for the recording of the channel's Tropical Weekend Getaway, the host of which is Carmen Electra. Unfortunately, as Carmen is performing a musical number in front of her fans, she is whisked away to a nearby mountain by a giant flying ant. In order to impress his ex-girlfriend Maddy (Winstead), Josh declares that he will rescue Carmen; he is accompanied on his quest by several others, Maddy included.

This deliberately cheesy film boasts deliberately cheesy performances (Adam West as Dr. Harryhausen being the hammiest), and features plenty of deliberately cheesy scenes with deliberately cheesy special effects, although, having said that, fans of stop-motion animation will almost certainly get a kick out of the film's massive praying mantises, which are far better than expected.

B-movie fans will also probably enjoy the silly 'man in a rubber suit' monster Piranha Man, who emerges from a swamp to attack the group, and the oversized ants at the mountain (which turns out to be a giant nest). In addition to the giant critters, the film features plenty of eye-candy: Carmen Electra wears a skimpy animal skin outfit, Winstead doesn't (but still looks hotter), and Chelan Simmons as Josh's ditzy blonde sister Jen is also appealing.

Monster Island is by no means a great film, but those who enjoy dumb creature features should still derive a reasonable amount of enjoyment from the crazy monsters and the general silliness of the whole thing.

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