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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Bargain basement gore

So it turns out that notorious trash director Andy Milligan kept on making his trashy movies right up until his death, and MONSTROSITY is one of his latter-day productions. It's a cheapie re-run of the Frankenstein story, with some college goofballs deciding to build a monster from various body parts which they randomly call a Golem for some reason. They then use said creature to get revenge on a gang of murderous thugs, but romance blossoms instead. This is bargain basement stuff, embarrassingly poor in all aspects, although it does have a lot of cheap prosthetic gore effects with blood sprays and entrails across the screen at various points. I was amused to see David Homb, of the PHANTASMAGORIA video game fame, in a typically over-the-top role as one of the students. The film's attempts at wacky humour are even worse than its attempts at comedy.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 2 / 10

Absolutely horrible.

Effectively combining comedy and horror is a skill, one that Staten Island auteur Andy Milligan clearly never mastered. Monstrosity, one of the director's last movies, starts life as a straight-up exploitation flick, with a trio of thugs terrorising a Los Angeles neighbourhood, slashing the neck of an old man, hijacking a car, and beating and raping a young woman named Ronnie (Audra Marie Ribeiro). Then, to ensure that Ronnie doesn't identify them to the police, the gang's leader pays the girl a visit in hospital, cutting open her belly and yanking out her intestines (a messy moment guaranteed to please gore-hounds). Understandably, Ronnie's boyfriend Mark is a little upset and wants revenge.

At this point, Milligan abruptly changes tack, having Mark and his friends Scott and Carlos come up with a preposterous plot to even the score: build a 'golem' from human and animal body parts stolen from med school, and send him to kill the baddies. As the pals clumsily stitch together their creation, who they call Frankie, it quickly becomes apparent that Monstrosity is actually a horror comedy - a really inept one. As matters progress, Milligan proves time and time again that he is one of the worst film-makers ever, with scene after cringeworthy scene of utter drivel that is neither scary nor funny. Just when you think it can't get any worse, Milligan proves that it can. Building a monster for revenge is dumb; making him wear a bright orange afro wig and sweatband is dumber. Having Frankie (Hal Borske) fall in love with a mentally challenged punk called Jamie (Carrie Anita) is ridiculous; their marriage conducted by a guardian angel called Angelo (Joel Weiss) is even more so.

As with the other Milligan movies it has been my misfortune to see, the direction is terrible, the editing clumsy and the performances amateurish. According to Wikipedia, Milligan didn't drink and was anti-drugs, but its hard to believe that this is the work of someone not 'under the influence' - it's that bat-s**t crazy and so utterly dreadful. The aforementioned disembowellment is definitely the film's highlight, and there are a couple of other cheap but enjoyable gore effects, but none of that counts for much when the rest of the film is so bloody awful.

1.5/10, rounded up to 2 for IMDb.

Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 5 / 10


Just to be clear for the average movie fan I'd give this 3 stars tops. For the lovers of low budget Andy Milligan films it gets 7 stars. Thus 5 stars.

In 1980 authors and film critics Harry and Michael Medved created a new genre of film by authoring the book THE GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS. The book discussed the worst movies ever made and discussed what made them so bad. It boosted the career and knowledge of Ed Wood Jr. whose PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE took the top spot. But it also interested enough people into looking past the top money making films being made and begin searching for these lost "treasures". Among the many directors who were sought out was Andy Milligan.

I could go on to describe Milligan's life and history but I'll pass. Feel free to search the web for info because it's out there. Suffice to say that while his output was lacking it wasn't for lack of trying. Milligan was a prolific writer of plays and screenplays, produced plays, operated his own stage theaters and directed over 29 movies. But most fall into the category of bad films and are viewed now through the lens of those willing to overlook the problems and dig deeper into those films, noting the lack of expertise but the enthusiasm that was on display. Milligan was a man who wanted to make movies and that's what he did.

Which brings us to MONSTROSITY. Let's view this through two sets of eyes. The easiest is the normal film goer. This movie is terrible for those folks. It lacks a cohesive story that will hold someone's interest from start to finish, the acting is terrible, the cinematography bad and the make-up could have been done by a middle school fan. The story involves three friends who are tired of the local gangs terrorizing the neighborhood, especially when one's girlfriend is raped by the bad guys. Recalling the tale of the Golem who Jews would form from clay and bring to life to defend them, they decide to do the same creating a creature made of body and animal parts from the local morgue. Their creation has an orange afro, buck teeth, a glob for one eye and the mentality of a child. But he's strong and does what they want. He also finds love with the victim of one of the gang's outings. But can he be controlled?

Those genre fans who want to see movies like this will find the movie a delight. It's just bad enough that they'll be laughing at bits and at the same time appreciating the fact that while Milligan might not have been technically adept he did have a love of the horror genre that led him to at least attempt making a movie. The character of Frankie, the creature, will have them quoting him and imitating his mannerisms while at the same time noting how bad he looks. It's trash cinema at its best.

Most people will find the movie incredibly stupid and lacking in most anything movie fans want. But that hasn't stopped Garagehouse Pictures from releasing the movie in blu-ray format with several extras that fans of Milligan will enjoy. Garagehouse is the little engine that could of disc releases. They don't release a ton of movies non-stop and they don't release what would be termed blockbusters. They cater to that niche market of die-hard movie fans looking for something extra, something different. Not only do they cater to that crowd they embrace them and provide them with the best quality releases of movies that have been considered lost. They are a treasure for the real cinephiles out there.

Garagehouse has brought the movie back and restored it presenting it in HD format for the first time ever. With loving care they've made the movie look fresh and new, as good as could be expected. They've also included enough extras to please the fans which include an audio commentary with Milligan biographer Jimmy McDonough & Charlie Beesley, an audio commentary with Andrew Repasky McElhinney, Greg Giovanni & Dan Buskirk, "Matsui s Monstrosities: An Interview with a Make-Up Man", outtakes, a still gallery, trailers from other Andy Milligan films, liner notes by Jason Coffman, deleted scenes, trailers from other Garagehouse Pictures films, cover art by Stephen Romano and slip sleeve art by Justin Miller. They're limiting this to just 1,000 units to if you're a Milligan fan or looking for something truly different then make sure you order your copy today.

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