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Reviewed by Ningishzida999 2 / 10

For Anyone Who's Done Any Real Research Into The Montauk Project This Won't Cut The Mustard!

Not worth the 3 years wait for this documentary!

It should have been a LOT better, the 2-star rating was for Al & Preston, certainly NOT for Stewart Swerdlow. As after doing a bit of research on him, it's more likely than not that he's a conman/dis-informer/mind control slave PROGRAMMER!

Google - "Stewart Swerdlow Scam" or "Stewart Swerdlow Conman"

I've researched The Montauk Project a lot, I've watched possibly every YouTube video related to the subject, I've listened to all Michael Houtzager's audio interviews with Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Stewart Swerdlow & Larry James, & I've read all of Peter Moon's & Preston's books, & Stewart Swerdlow's too...

This documentary doesn't go deep enough into the rabbit hole, & I imagine for a first timer it would be difficult to grasp the full picture. As they should have gone into more details about the project & the events, for example...

The Nazi's, & the Nazi gold connection is never fully explained & mentioned, Duncan Cameron is only discussed very briefly, the creature released at the end of the Montauk Project is only touched upon, & the pictures of it are never shown! Al & Duncan going to Mars & time travel is only mentioned VERY briefly too...!?!?! The connection to The Philadelphia Project is never mentioned either... There is so much missed out; it really can't be taken seriously for anyone researching the subject!!!

The movie part was grossly exaggerated too, there's an alien scene, whereby a "grey alien" has fangs with saliva dribbling down from them as if it's a vampire or something...

I mean com'on...!?!?

It's just insulting people's intelligence, & disgracing Al & Preston's accounts.

Sounds petty, but it's attention to detail, as this is a massively important & horrifying story that needs to be taken seriously, & retold as accurately as possible for the survivor's sake, & the unfortunate people who didn't make it. Especially when the movie took so long to make...........

In short, it was a big disappointment; it could have been done a LOT better, & does no credit whatsoever to the original story... It's nothing but a flashy attempt at a documentary trying to win an award, & make a few dollars off the back of Al & Preston's story at the same time...

Don't waste your life... Save your money! Or buy beer instead........

Reviewed by danieletrnal 1 / 10

What a ridiculous boring movie

Wow. I managed to sit through an hour and a half of this, but it felt like 6 hours. It started out well enough, and I even thought it was very professional (early on). But then we get to these endless re-enactments that go on and on, accompanied by classical music (likely because it is free and in the public domain)... and the visuals were really headache-inducing at times. Three clearly insane guys are interviewed throughout---a really old guy, a really fat old guy and a guy with a beard and an earring. The guy with the beard and earring is probably the absolute nuttiest of the 3. This guy has been abducted and abused by aliens and then abducted and abused by the government. I stopped watching with half an hour to go, but it seems likely he was further abducted and abused by some other group too. He did share one bit of useful info (and this might be a spoiler): You know those gray aliens? No? Of course not, because you are probably sane, but the gray ones are gray and have really big eyes, bad teeth and drool-- according to the re-enactment--- Well those aren't even really aliens, they're just regular old human fetuses that are being mind controlled. So, you know, that's useful to know. I suspect he is truly delusional and not completely lying, although on some level I think he knows none of this nonsense really happened. It does sound like he may have been abused as a child though. But not by aliens. Or big-eyed human fetuses. I could go on and on (and on). I enjoy weird conspiracy theory stuff, and if this had been condensed to 90 minutes with a quickened pace, it might have been OK. But this thing drags like you wouldn't believe. Seek out a 45 minute TV show that explores this instead. Or just pick a different utterly ridiculous conspiracy theory to look into, as this one is wackier than most. (But I really do hope that bearded guy gets on some medication or finds himself a good therapist. He seems legitimately depressed and deluded. The two old guys just seem like they figure "hey, I'm old and I'm just gonna say whatever crazy nonsense pops into my head for whoever will listen")

Reviewed by leon-smoothy 1 / 10

Seriously biased movie mainly fit for conspiracy-nuts...

I stumbled upon this movie, saw a decent rating and saw it, not because I'm a conspiracy-freak, but because it seemed quite interesting, as any thriller could be, but this was a documentary.

I was very skeptic when reading about the contents though, and I became more and more so the further I watched.

Without spoiling anything here, I felt this to be very biased. I have no doubt that despicable experiments has and are being made on humans BY humans, it's not hard to see what drug abuse/mental illness can result in, and that drugs and torture can completely destroy a person, for sure. A modern example is said to be the so called "MK-Ultra program" run by CIA in the 60-70's, said to have experimented with mind control, involving torture by sleep deprivation, drugs, electricity and occultism, and the US government has even made public apologies (Bill Clinton in the 90's) for things done to it's citizens in these fields, sadly leaving many scarred remnants of human beings left to fend for themselves.

But this is far from proof of aliens from other galaxies. A relevant example is how schizophrenia works (and sleep paralysis), when the brain basically cannot separate a dream-state from being awake, and thus producing images for a person that is basically like watching one movie at the same time and viewfield as another, blending sounds and visions so that the person cannot decide what is what. The Nazis in Germany started many of these kinds of horrible experiments during their rule, which then was continued in the US, Soviet Union and DDR. What has been shown though is basically that it is far more effective and reliable to use mass-psychosis, like Hitler did (successfully with HitlerJugend and SS)and like we see today when governments or media can whip up horrendous behavior in humans. It is simply not effective to break down a human being to a mental wreck with drugs and torture, expecting effective results as a field agent, for example. It is far more effective to use lures such as money, power and a feeling of being part of an important nationalistic/idealistic cause than to make people sick.

I'm not saying all these people interviewed are liars and making this up, just that very scary things can be produced by different means to make people 100% sure that things is physically real and has occurred.

A very unnerving and scary technique are those involving "repressed memories". Late scientific proof has been made showing that people, under certain circumstances, can be convinced that they have been experiencing and being guilty of deeds that is simply planted by psychiatric personnel, often with "help" by medication. It has therefore, as an example, quite recently been deemed not reliable at all as proof by the justice systems in many countries.

It is also documented that several US presidents (from the 80's and forwards) and high government officials, has employed so called "psychics" and "paranormal mediums" as important parts of their decision making during large conflicts, which is seriously worrying, if anything!

So this is sadly, in my opinion, food for conspiracy fanatics, and not at all to be considered objective material. But, knowing this, it could well enough be entertaining for some...

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